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Full referenceMembership Campaign of the Shanghai Consumers' Cooperative Society (1926)
TypeJournal article
TitleMembership Campaign of the Shanghai Consumers' Cooperative Society
JournalChina Press
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Keywordsconsumer; association; organization; cooperative; Shanghai; picture; elite; group; campaign; meeting; Chinese; store

Left - Membership Campaign of the Shanghai Consumers' Cooperative Society. In order to promote the movement of economic cooperation, about fifty prominent leaders of the Chinese community in Shanghai are now organizing a Consumers' Cooperative Society. The above is a picture of a group of the campaign leaders who recently held a meeting. The goal is to secure seveal hundred members and $10,000 in shares. It is expected that a cooperative store supplying daily necessities will be operned on North Szechuen Road, in the neighborhood of which most of the members of the Society will be located. 


China Press, April 26, 1926. p.C4

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