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Full referenceChinese Government Bureau of Economic Information, Chinese Economic Journal 經濟討論處 (jingjitaolunchu) (1931)
TypeJournal article
Author(s)Chinese Government Bureau of Economic Information
TitleChinese Economic Journal 經濟討論處 (jingjitaolunchu)
Start page551
End page670
Date publication1931
Keywordsjournal; economic; bureau; foreign trade; advertisement; Shanghai; Beijing; public utilities; tourism; leisure; club; Rotary; commercial attache; banking; chamber of commerce; graph;

Vol. VIII, no.6 - June 1931

  • Shanghai's Hardware Trade - By Kyi Zuh-tsing 季澤晉 (Ji Zejin) - 551 
  • The Silver Problem in Its International Aspects - By E. Kann - 572 
  • Tourism: China's Grand Opportunity - 588

The following is the full text of an address recently delivered by Mr. Julean Arnold, American Commercial Attache, before the Shanghai Rotary Club. 

  • The Problem of Stabilizing Silver - By Chang Kia-Ngau, General Manager of the Bank of China - 606 
  • Shanghai Public Utilities - 615 
    • IV - The Water Supply 
  • The Bank of China: Annual Meeting - 623 
  • Salient Points in the Chines Civil and Commercial Code (continued from last issue) - 652
  • Retail Prices in Peiping (March, 1931) - 662
  • Chinese Internal Loan Issues Outstanding on June 1, 1931 - 669  


  • Special Railway Map of China. Special Railway Map of Manchuria.

Chinese Economic Journal 工商訪問局工商經濟討 (gongshang fangwenju gongshang jingji yuekan)

Published by the Bureau of Industrial and Commercial Information. 4th Floor of Customs Building, Hankow Road, Shanghai. Printed by Thomas Chu & Sons. 

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