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2Advertising in China 1929Journal articleBacon, C.A.advertising, report, China, journalist, Shanghai, agency, press, journal
3The essentials of advertising 1921BookBlanchard, Frank Le Royadvertising, handbook, essential, america
4Advertising and Merchandising 1926Book chapterArnold, Julean Herbert; Crow, Carlhandbook, commercial, advertising, merchandising, crow, arnold
5Engraving and printing methods, advertisement illustration, technical- and trade-paper advertising, street-car advertising, outdoor advertising, house publications 1909BookInternational Textbook Companyhandbook, advertising, engraving, printing, street car, trade-paper, outdoor, house, technical, illustration, method
6Advertising methods in Japan, China, and the Philippines 1921BookSanger, J.advertising, report, method, China, Japan, Philippines, commerce, department, washington, special, agent,
7Four hundred million customers  the experiences -- some happy, some sad, of an American in China, and what they taught him 1937BookCrow, Carladvertising, customers, million, experience, China, Crow

The Merchant's Advertising Problem

1936Journal articleDiespecker, L.C.advertising, problem, press, China, merchant

Foreign Trade and Advertising

1936Journal articleKuo, P.W.advertising, foreign, trade, history, press

Newspapers as an Advertising Medium in China

1936Journal articleTong, Hollington K.advertising, newspaper, modern, medium, China

An Analytical Study of Advertisements in Chinese Newspapers

1923Journal articleUnknownadvertisement, newspaper, china, study, products, type, space, qinghua, university, beijing

Advertising: Its principles, practice, and technique

1914BookStarch, Danieladvertising, principles, handbook, america

广告学 (Guanggao xue)

1946Book吴铁声 (WU Tiesheng), 朱胜愉 (ZHU Shengyu)handbook, advertising, china, psychology

The psychology of advertising. A simple exposition of the principles of psychology in their relation to successful advertising,

1913BookScott, Walter Dilladvertising, psychology, handbook, application, practical, successful

广告学概论 (Guanggao xue gailun) [Principles of advertising]

1929Book苏上达 (SU Shangda)advertising, handbook, principles, china, medium, campaign, economy

广告学ABC (Guanggao ABC)

1928Book蒯世勋 (KUAI Shixun)Advertising, handbook, china

广告 (Guanggao)

1940Book陆梅僧 (LU Meiseng)advertising, handbook, practical, professional, China, shanghai, illustration

Outdoor, street-car, and radio advertising

1936BookHoyle, John T.advertising, handbook, outdoor, street-car, radio

Outdoor Advertising -- the Modern Marketing Force: A Manual for business Men and Others Interested in the Fundamentals of Outdoor Advertising

1928BookOutdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc.advertising, handbook, outdoor, association, modern, business

How to advertise a guide to designing, laying out, and composing advertisements

1917BookFrench, Georgehandbook, advertising, printed, design, layout, composition, technical

A circulation census. Increase in Chinese readers: Distribution Statistics

1933Journal articleThomson & Co (Chartered Accountants)North China Herald, newspaper, chinese, reader, distribution, census, circulation, statistics, nationality, bookstore, subsciption ...

Recording a Decade of "Service and Progress" (1926-1936)

1936Journal articleLing, C.P.anniversary, decade, progress, service, china, commercial, advertising, agency, ling, article, booklet, self-promotion
18History of the Chinese Press (中國報學史 Zhonguo baoxue shi) 1919Book戈公振 (Ge Gongzhen), 胡道静 (Hu Daojing)Chinesehistory, journalism, china
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