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34475"Three Fives" 555 brand of aluminium saucepans in a street market in ShanghaiJanuary 19481948, January

26134'Windy Corner', Shanghai1932

26133'Windy Corner', Shanghai, c.19321932

19790A quayside in Watung, Shanghai19331933-1934

33298A Shanghai trolley bus1945-1949

34272Acme's billboard advertising "Morris" cars and the Auto Palace Company around 1929

34273Acme's billboards advertising Castillon champagne, Asahi beer and another brand of beer around 19291929


27320Advertisement boards along the riverJune 1927

2365Advertisement for a Chinese movie19201920-1945

34250Advertisement for Federal cigarette on a double-deck bus on Nanking Road in the 19201920-1930

27322Advertisements for "My Dear" and "Pirate" Cigarette on the front of an omnibusFebruary 1945

32808Advertising leaflet for the Japanese Takaoka Shop (curio shop) 高崗洋行 東洋美術雜貨商1937-1940

34247Advertising procession for Jintan medicine in Dairen, Mandchuria (before 1921)

25425Aerial view of Bubbling Well Road and Thibet Road1949

33267Aerial view of the Bund looking north1945

33260Aerial view of the Bund looking south1930-1949

34529American bar owner Frank and his Chinese wife in their bar in 1949Sunday 1 May 19491949

34542American Tourists arriving by rickshaw at Astor House Hotel in 19331933

33247Anti-Communist Parade in the front of Metropole HotelMonday 16 May 1949

27595Anticommunist parade by the Metropole Hotel1949

34254Banner advertising Nanyang Dispensary and omnibus advertising My Dear Cigarette on Nanjing Road

34582Banners and trolleys carrying advertisements in Nanjing Road 19301930-1940

34382Banners in a narrow street in Shanghai October 19321932

34362Banners, signboards and lanterns encroaching on a narrow crowded street in 193719371937

25618Bar street at night1949

34278Billboard advertising "Darkie" Toothpaste 黑人牙膏 (Heiren yagao) in Shanghai in 1948 January 19481948

34244Billboard advertising "Doghead brand" hosiery in 1949

34245Billboard advertising "Doghead brand" hosiery in 1949

34569Billboard advertising "Elegant" Vanishing Cream (嫩靣香品雅霜 Nenmian xiangpin yashuang) Thursday 1 January 19481948

34256Billboard advertising "My Dear" cigarette during military parade in Shanghai in 1936

34251Billboard advertising "My Dear" cigarette near a military zone in Shanghai 1932

34261Billboard advertising "The Greys" Cigarette and the movie 太太萬歲 (Taitaiwansui) (Mrs. Ten thousand years)January 1948

34372Billboard advertising a brand of textile in course of erection or repainting in 1948January 19481948

34271Billboard advertising advertising a movie and 黑牌 (Heipai) cigarette in 1948 January 19481948

34421Billboard advertising Coca-Cola during a gunfire 19371937-1943

34443Billboard advertising Good Year toothpaste featuring the brand iconic boy in 194819481948

2273Billboard advertising Pirate cigarettes next to a blockhaus19371937-1942

34270Billboard advertising Red Kores Cigarette 紅高樂 (Honggaole) and 414 Towel on the Great World in 1948 January 1948

34255Billboard advertising Venus cigarette (維納斯 Weinaisi) in Shanghai in 1948January 19481948

34264Billboard advertising 愛而近 (Ai'erjin) Cigarette in 1948 (Female version)January 1948

34263Billboard advertising 愛而近 (Ai'erjin) Cigarette in 1948 (Male version)January 1948

34269Billboard advertising 愛而近 (Ai'erjin) Cigarette in 1948 (Male version) (2)January 1948

34260Billboard Green Landscape advertising various brands among which "The Greys" CigaretteJanuary 1948

250Billboard in course of repainting advertising Lux Toilet Soap1949

34252Billboards advertising "My Dear" Cigarette and Coca-Cola close to the Isis Theatre (Range Road)1937

34566Billboards advertising "White Kitten" cotton prints Thursday 1 January 19481948

34536Billboards advertising "White Kitten" cotton prints and a Chinese movie in 1948 (close view)Thursday 1 January 19481948

34537Billboards advertising "White Kitten" cotton prints and a Chinese movie in 1948 (distant view)Thursday 1 January 19481948

34571Billboards advertising a brand of textile and thermos bottle round the RacecourseJanuary 1948January 1948

34368Billboards advertising a Chinese movie and the Greys cigarettes along the Racecourse in 1948January 1948

34455Billboards advertising cigarettes and other products behind a barricade in 193219321932

34275Billboards advertising Keds Shoes, Monopole Champagne, and Capstan Cigarette in Shanghai around 19291929

34556Billboards advertising Lion Beer and other products on Nanking Road19301930-00-00

34259Billboards advertising Million Dollar Cigarette (大百萬金), 直貢色丁花布 cotton print and Goose Cotton jersey (鵝棉毛衫) along the RacecourseThursday 1 January 19481948

34279Billboards advertising New Year Movies and Diamond Clocks behind a bus stopping place with passengers waitingJanuary 19481948

34262Billboards advertising Three Cats Cigarette (三貓牌 Sanmaopai) and Three Bells Rubber Shoes 三鐘老牌 (Sanzhonglaopai), with rickshaws and pedestrians passing by in 1948 January 1948January 1948

34441Billboards along the Racecourse in the 1940s19401940

34355Billboards and Posters in Beijng (1921)19211921

34356Billboards and Posters in Beijng (1921)19211921
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