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26133'Windy Corner', Shanghai, c.19321932

26134'Windy Corner', Shanghai1932

32737Night view of the Bund1935-1936

32798View of the Bund looking north1933-1935

32808Advertising leaflet for the Japanese Takaoka Shop (curio shop) 高崗洋行 東洋美術雜貨商1937-1940

32812Night view of Nanking Road [postcard] 南京路夜景1930-1939

32840View of Nanking Road [postcard] 南京路1930-1939

32843View of Nanking Road [postcard] 南京路1930-1939

32851Rue du Consulat [postcard] 公馆马路1930-1935

33256The Wheelock House

33258The Picardie Apartments1920-1939

33259Western section of Avenue Joffre1930-1949

33260Aerial view of the Bund looking south1930-1949

33298A Shanghai trolley bus1945-1949

34001Traffic at the corner of Montigny Boulevard and Edward VII avenue1930-1937

34004Traffic and pedestrians at the corner of Montigny Boulevard and Edward VII avenue1930-1937

34005Traffic and pedestrians at the corner of Montigny Boulevard and Edward VII avenue near the Great World1930-1937

34137Sihk policeman regulating traffic at a crossroad1920

34192Cigarettes advertisement for Pirate (BAT) next to a blockhaus in 1937 Shanghai1937

34235Portrait of C.P. Ling ca. 19361936

34244Billboard advertising "Doghead brand" hosiery in 1949

34245Billboard advertising "Doghead brand" hosiery in 1949

34247Advertising procession for Jintan medicine in Dairen, Mandchuria (before 1921)

34248Painted sign advertising Jintan medicine in China (before 1921)

34249Painted sign advertising Pirate cigarette near Tianjin (before 1921)

34250Advertisement for Federal cigarette on a double-deck bus on Nanking Road in the 19201920-1930

34251Billboard advertising "My Dear" cigarette near a military zone in Shanghai 1932

34252Billboards advertising "My Dear" Cigarette and Coca-Cola close to the Isis Theatre (Range Road)1937

34254Banner advertising Nanyang Dispensary and omnibus advertising My Dear Cigarette on Nanjing Road

34256Billboard advertising "My Dear" cigarette during military parade in Shanghai in 1936

34257Signboard advertising cigarette in a flooded street in Shanghai before 1911

34258Painted wall advertising Horse Shoe Cigarette at a crossroad in 1948

34260Billboard Green Landscape advertising various brands among which "The Greys" CigaretteJanuary 1948

34261Billboard advertising "The Greys" Cigarette and the movie 太太萬歲 (Taitaiwansui) (Mrs. Ten thousand years)January 1948

34272Acme's billboard advertising "Morris" cars and the Auto Palace Company around 1929

34273Acme's billboards advertising Castillon champagne, Asahi beer and another brand of beer around 19291929

34274Street car advertising a brand of chocolate candy in Shanghai around 19291929

34275Billboards advertising Keds Shoes, Monopole Champagne, and Capstan Cigarette in Shanghai around 19291929

34295Dense traffic on Szechuen Road bridge1945-1949

34367Passers-by looking at the spectacular billboards along the Racecourse in 1948January 1948

34368Billboards advertising a Chinese movie and the Greys cigarettes along the Racecourse in 1948January 1948

34417Great World1931-1937

34426Daily life in a lilong1920-1935

34427Mildred Elizabeth "Betty" Crow

34428Norris B. Wood (undated)

34431Portrait of Carl Crow ca. 1937

34432Portrait of Carl Crow's first wife (Mildred S. Powers)

34433Portrait of F.C. Millington

34434Portrait of F.C. Millington

34437Giant poster advertising Cadum in Paris in 1926

34559Bird-eye view of Public Garden (restricted area)

34013Usonro Road (Wusong lu) under Japanese occupation1937-1945

34276Carl Crow's billboard advertising Bourville Cocoa 本味可可粉 (Benwei kekefen) in the 1920s 1920

34277Carl Crow's billboard advertising "The Rat" cigarette, Quaker Oats and other products in the 1920s1920

34296Huangzi style shopsign for an optician in Shanghai in 19321932

34354Painted sign along railway, near Tianjin (1921)1921

34516Foreign woman reading at home, Shanghai 1898-190218981898-1912

1369North China Daily News and Herald Tribune19001900-1920

1997News agencies plates19001900-1949

34521Military parade on a busy business street in pre-Republican Shanghai19061906
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