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232The Chinese Economic Bulletin/Journal: contents and contributors
231Julius Klein's radio talks
230Officers of the China Bureau of Public Information
229Indusco officers and contributors in China
228Officers and executive members of the Rockefeller Foundation in China
227Officers and members of the American Chamber of Commerce (Shanghai)
226Market experts in China
225Attendants at the Students' Tiffin (Shanghai)
224Officers and members of the American Chamber of Commerce (Shanghai)
223Officers of the Chinese Students' Alliance
222Attendants at the American-Chinese Night (Shanghai)
221Officers and courses at Yenching University (Beijing)
220Officers and sponsors of the China Foundation
219Members of the China Foundation
218Members of the China Society of America, Inc.
217Members of the Institute of Chinese Culture
216Members of the China-America Council of Commerce and Industry
215Members of the China Aid Council
214Members of the United China Relief network
213Members of the Columbia Country Club (Shanghai)
212Members of the China Commerce Club of California
211Members of the Chinese American Institute of Cultural Relations
210Attendants at the Shanghai Tiffin Club Citation Dinner
209List of American organizations related to China
208Members of the Shanghai Masonic Lodge
207Mailing list of readers of the China Monthly Report
206Julean Arnold's business cards
205Julean Arnold's weekly despatches (economic section)
204Julean Arnold's weekly despatches (personnel and office section)
203Julean Arnold's diary in China
202Julean Arnold's correspondence in China and the United States
201Julean Arnold's speeches in China and the United States
200American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai. List of members and executives
199Grace China Co.'s Chinese connection in Shanghai
198Sociology of the Shanghai Rotary Club (1940)
197China Commercial Advertising Agency’s financial situation
196China Commercial Advertising Agency’s staff and clients
195Population of advertising agencies in modern Shanghai
194List of advertising agencies operating in Shanghai between 1899 and 1956
193Membership list of the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
192China Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture. Scientific Research Fellowships and Prizes
191List of Sound Motion Picture Theaters in China
190List of petroleum companies in China
189List of firms and research institutions involved in the chemical industry in China
188List of main wine dealers and distributors in Shanghai
187List of firms exhibiting at Nanyang Engineering Exhibition
186List of New York firms interested in China
185List of enamel ware factories in Shanghai
184List of fur importers and retailers of imported furs in Shanghai
183List of foreign and Chinese lumber firms in Shanghai
182List of American firms in Shanghai
181List of companies represented at the Engineering and Railway Exhibition, hold at Jiaotong University, Shanghai
180List of paper box manufacturers in Shanghai
179List of Chinese thermos bottle manufacturers in Shanghai
178List of beverages, foodstuffs and patent medicines manufacturers in Shanghai
177Coca-Cola's sales and authorized bottlers in China
176List of newspapers and magazines in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang (after report from the US Department of State)
175List of newspapers and magazines in Shanghai and China (after reports from the US Department of State)
174List of steamship lines in Shanghai (after report from the US Department of State)
173List of garages in Shanghai (after reports from the US Department of State)
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