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4209Foreign advertising in China: becoming global, becoming local2000BookWang, JianEnglishAdvertising, agency, americanization, China, consumer, contemporary, history, imperialism, foreign, global, local, hybridity ...
4212Marketing to China: one billion new customers1990BookXu, BaiyiEnglishAdvertising, marketing, China, contemporary, Consolidated National Advertising Agency, copywriter, consumer, customer, biography, ...
4213Foreigners and foreign institutions in Republican China2013BookBardy, Anne-Marie, Brown, DouglasEnglishRepublican, China, foreign, institution, actor
4214A passion for facts: Social surveys and the construction of the Chinese nation state, 1900-19492011BookTong, LamEnglishChina, nation, social, survey, state, fact
4215Compromising with Consumerism in Socialist China: Transnational Flows and Internal Tensions in "Socialist Advertising"2013Journal articleGerth, KarlEnglishConsumption, socialist, circulation, transnational, global, local, propaganda, advertising, Cold War
4216Through the Looking Glass: Foreign Journalists in China, from the Opium Wars to Mao2009BookFrench, PaulEnglishJournalism, press, China, opium, war, Mao, Crow
4244THE FOREIGN BANKS IN CHINA, PART I - EARLY IMPERIAL ISSUES (1850-1900) IMPERIAL ISSUES (1850-1900)Electronic sourceSandrock, John E.Englishbank; foreign;
4245FOREIGN BANKS IN CHINA, PART III - REPUBLIC OF CHINA ISSUES (1912-1945)Electronic sourceSandrock, John E.Englishbank; foreign;
4246FOREIGN BANKS IN CHINA, Part II - IMPERIAL CHINESE ISSUES (1900-1911)Electronic sourceSandrock, John E.Englishbank; foreign;
4207The Universal Dictionary of Foreign Business in Modern China 外国在华工商企业辞典 (Waiguo zaihua gongshang qiye cidian) 1995BookHUANG, Guangyu 黃光域ChineseDirectory, dictionary, business, company, foreign
4211Selling Chinese Dreams: Fashion, Culture and Discourse in Advertising in China between the Two World Wars (Paper presented at the joint meeting of the Business History Conference/European Business History Association, Milan, Italy, 11-13 June 2009)2009Morgan, Stephen L.ChineseAdvertising, agency, China, business, culture, discourse, dream, fashion, history, interwar
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