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798Edgar Parks Snow (1905-1972) Papers
797Market for toilet soaps in North ChinaRequest of Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Company. Inquiry of Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co.. Re - Toilet Soap Industry in North China. ...1931
796South China market for American toothpasteAmerican tooth paste favored in China1932
795Market for Canned Beer in Shanghai, Hong Kong and SingaporeMarket for Canned Beer in China. Market for Beer in Hong Kong1936
794China market for spring waterForeign Markets for Spring Water1931
793Hong Kong market for aerated watersReport on Aerated Water in Hong Kong1931
792Rubber-shoe market in Shandong, China and IndiaMr. Sali Gruenebaum, 200 Terminal Sales Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.1933
791Local agent for Coca-Cola in Tunis1930
790Advertisement for Coca-Cola in ChinaCoca Cola Ad.1930
789Finland market for Coca-Cola1930
788Coca-Cola trademark in England Coca Cola Trade Mark - reference 25-CJJ. Coca-Cola Testimony1929
787Distribution of Coca-Cola in foreign marketsCoca-Cola. Coca-Cola Company1929
786Distribution of Coca-Cola in AustraliaCompany to distribute Coca-Cola in Australia. Sale of Coca-Cola in Australia1928
785Representation of Coca-Cola in Brazil1928
784Panama market for Coca-ColaCable from Panama city1928
783Iraq market for Coca-ColaTrade Opportunity for Coca Cola1928
782Soda fountains in Great BritainRequest from Coca-Cola Co. of New for Trade Lists1928
781Coca-Cola market in Porto RicoCoca Cola Co. Representation in Porto Rico. Representation in Porto Rico for the Coca Cola Company 1928
780Manila market for Coca-ColaSample of Coca Cola from Manila1928
779Competition for Coca-Cola in ItalyThe Sale of Beverages in Rome1928
778Protecting Coca-Cola's trademark in foreign countriesThe Coca-Cola Company. Messrs. Candler, Thomson & Hirsch1927
777East Indies market for Coca-Cola Request of C.P. Swan, Coca Cola Company. Trade Opportunity for Coca-Cola1927
776Coca-Cola's soda fountainsSoda Fountains1927
775Egypt and Middle East markets for Coca-Cola 1927
774India market for Coca-Cola The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, Ga. The Sale of Coca-Cola in India1927
773Japan market for Coca-Cola Agency for Coca-Cola in Japan1927
772European markets for Coca-Cola Export Label of Coca-Cola1927
771Coca-Cola's President world trip1927
770Latin American markets for Coca-Cola Inquiry from Coca-Cola Company. Export Label of Coca-Cola1927
769Burma Market for Coca-Cola1926
768China's commercial and industrial Handbook Shanghai, The World City. China: A Commercial and Industrial Handbook. 1938
767Sao Paulo Market for Coca-ColaSurvey of Sao Paulo Market for Coca-Cola1929
766Cereal market in ManchuriaWeekly Report on Manchurian Cereals by Nisshin Oil Mils1929
765Hong Kong market for powdered and condensed milkMarket for condensed and powdered milk in Hong Kong1938
764China market for malted milk powderTrade opportunity for malted milk powder1930
763China market for American malted milkMalted Milk1923
761Chinese dairy industry in ChongqingChinese dairy has forty cows at Chungking. Cherry-Burrell Circle. Chinese News Service1944
760Hong Kong market for manufactured milkMarket for Manufactured Milk in Hong Kong1938
759Statistics of condensed and evaporated milk exports to the Far EastStatistics as to exports to Japan, China and Philippine Islands of condensed and evaporated milk for Far East1937
758China market for buttermilkMarket in China for Semi-Solid Buttermilk. Consolidated Products Company, Danville, Illinois1936
757Chinese condensed milk production (Pe-Heng Company)Attention: Dr. B.H. Webb1933
756Dairy products imports in ManchuriaImports of Prepared Milk Products into Manchuria. General Milk Company, Inc. 1932
755United States Pure Food laws on ice cream and milk United States pure food laws on ice cream and milk 1932
754Milk condensing plant in CantonPossibility of successful operation of a milk condensing plant in Canton, China. Milk Condensing Plant in Canton, China1931
753Milk imports into China1930
752Survey on milk powder in ChinaSale of Powdered Milk. Powdered Milk in China. Request of Golden State Milk Products Company. Foodstuffs Division. 1925
751American manufacturers of milk in ChinaReport of Trade in Milk Products, by American Consul at Hongkong1925
750Chinese regulations on canned milkChinese regulations on preserved milk. Condensed Milk Regulations in China1925
749Market for canned milk in Hong KongCanned Milk Trade in Hong Kong. Trade in Leading Articles of Commerce, Local Industries, Shipping, Finance1924
748Milk market in ChinaMilk in China1920
747Circulation of economic surveys and business materialsRequest for Copies of the Publications related to the International Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers ...1945
746British Chamber of Commerce Journal British Chamber of Commerce Journal (Articles on Chinese Income Tax Law). Exchange of publications1937
745Foreign Trade Association of China's publications"South Seas Trade Series" of the Foreign Trade Association of China1936
744Dairen (Dalian) Chamber of Commerce's request for exchange of publicationsRequest for Exchange of Publications1935
743Junior Chamber of Commerce in ShanghaiLiterature re Junior Chambers of Commerce 1934
742Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce's mailing list1933
741Federation of Chinese industries in ShanghaiThe Federation of Chinese Industries1933
740Polish Trade and Commerce Association of Manchuria in HarbinPolish Trade and Commerce Association of Manchuria1930
738Japanese Chambers of Commerce in ManchuriaJapanese Chambers of Commerce and Current Economic Problems in Manchuria1927
737Journal of the Shanghai Chamber of CommerceJournal of Shanghai Chamber of Commerce1925
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