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840Walter McConaughy, Department of State. Re: David and Y.K. WongCorrespondence related to David and Y.K Wong in Shanghai1954
83922nd National Foreign Trade Convention. Houston, Texas. Rice Hotel. November 18-19-20, 1935Program of the 22nd National Foreign Trade Convention1935
838Conditions in Hongkong. Report No. 200, December 9, 1948 Conditions in Hongkong1948
837中華民國普通 汽車駕駛人執照Calder's Driver's Licence (Republic of China)1949
836Concession Française. Changhai. Permis de Conduire d'Automobile.Calder's Driver's Licence (French Concession, Shanghai)1936
835Proprietary medicines and ointmentsProprietary medicines and ointments. Special consular report no.76.1918
833Calder's Desk FileCalder's Desk File1918
832American Chamber of Commerce. Correspondence and Bulletins1928
831Correspondence and Memos1925
830American Chamber of Commerce. Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of DirectorsMinutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce. Friday, February 3, 19281928
829China Monthly Trade Report1928
828Fruit situation in North ChinaMemorandum to Professor B.H. Crocheron1929
827Weekly ReportsPersonnel. Activities of Staff During Week1927
826A.B.C. Diary of weekly activitiesActivities for week ending December 18, 1926, to week ended Dec 1, 19271926
825Further Instances of Mal-Practices in Chinese Buying TacticsInternational Relations. Courses In International Social Science Offered by the Departments, Colleges and Schools of the ...1927
824Bulletin University of WashingtonInternational Relations. Courses In International Social Science Offered by the Departments, Colleges and Schools of the ...1927
823Weekly ReportsOffice Activities1935
822Programs and raw materials for international conferencesWashington Conference Agreements. Raw Materials in International Commerce. Public Opinion and International Relations1928
821Institute of International Relations: Program of LecturesNorthwest Session. University of Washington, July 22 to 27, 19281928
820Note for 'Home and Abroad' from Shanghai OfficeNote for 'Home and Abroad' from Shanghai Office1936
819Calder's Testament1921
818Calder's Baptism Certificate1892
817Calder's statement of experience1923
816Calder's passport applicationn1917
815Calder's cover letter1923
814Calder's curriculum vitae 1923
813Business and trade conferences involving CalderAmerican representation at the Foreign Trade Council and other business conferences in Shanghai1928
812Economic Problems in ChinaEconomic Problems in China. Delivered before the Institute of International Relations, Riverside, California, December 17, ...1931
811Three-Minute Radio Talk for San Francisco, May 18, 19321932
810Calder's memo on China's industry, Shanghai, April 22, 1933193
809Calder's Chinese and Foreign Contacts (1927-1936)1927
808Calder's diary (May 6-8, 1946)1946
807Calder's Weekly reports of activities (January 1936 - July 1937)1936
806Calder's speech at the Annual Foreign Trade DinnerRemarks made by A. Bland Calder, Assistant Commercial Attache at the Annual Foreign Trade Dinner of the American Chamber ...1940
805American Company. Shanghai Volunteers Corps (SVC). Booklet of Information1919
804Address Book1928
803The Situation in ChinaThe Situation in China1928
802American Trade developments in the OrientAmerican Trade developments in the Orient. Prepared for the Institute of International Relations, July 22-29, 1928 1928
801Market for American Sardines1927
800Advertising and urban landscapesRural Beauties Marred by Ugly Hoardings. Auto Club's Protest. Should the Council Prohibit Erection Boards Around Rubicon? ...1924
799General Buildings AdvertisementsTaxation of Street Advertising. Measuring Advertising Space.1914
798Edgar Parks Snow (1905-1972) Papers
797Market for toilet soaps in North ChinaRequest of Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Company. Inquiry of Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co.. Re - Toilet Soap Industry in North China. ...1931
796South China market for American toothpasteAmerican tooth paste favored in China1932
795Market for Canned Beer in Shanghai, Hong Kong and SingaporeMarket for Canned Beer in China. Market for Beer in Hong Kong1936
794China market for spring waterForeign Markets for Spring Water1931
793Hong Kong market for aerated watersReport on Aerated Water in Hong Kong1931
792Rubber-shoe market in Shandong, China and IndiaMr. Sali Gruenebaum, 200 Terminal Sales Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.1933
791Local agent for Coca-Cola in Tunis1930
790Advertisement for Coca-Cola in ChinaCoca Cola Ad.1930
789Finland market for Coca-Cola1930
788Coca-Cola trademark in England Coca Cola Trade Mark - reference 25-CJJ. Coca-Cola Testimony1929
787Distribution of Coca-Cola in foreign marketsCoca-Cola. Coca-Cola Company1929
786Distribution of Coca-Cola in AustraliaCompany to distribute Coca-Cola in Australia. Sale of Coca-Cola in Australia1928
785Representation of Coca-Cola in Brazil1928
784Panama market for Coca-ColaCable from Panama city1928
783Iraq market for Coca-ColaTrade Opportunity for Coca Cola1928
782Soda fountains in Great BritainRequest from Coca-Cola Co. of New for Trade Lists1928
781Coca-Cola market in Porto RicoCoca Cola Co. Representation in Porto Rico. Representation in Porto Rico for the Coca Cola Company 1928
780Manila market for Coca-ColaSample of Coca Cola from Manila1928
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