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623"Safety First" Week in Shanghai"Safety First" Week in Shanghai1939
700"Salient facts about China" (Arnold's pamphlet)Salient Facts about China1937
83922nd National Foreign Trade Convention. Houston, Texas. Rice Hotel. November 18-19-20, 1935Program of the 22nd National Foreign Trade Convention1935
826A.B.C. Diary of weekly activitiesActivities for week ending December 18, 1926, to week ended Dec 1, 19271926
347Accrediting China Organization for Material Accrediting China Organization for Material 1924
434Acid plants in ShanghaiAcid plants in Shanghai1932
713Activities of the American Chamber of Commerce in ShanghaiDigest. Convention dates of trade associations1936
804Address Book1928
486Adoption of metric system of weights and measuresAdoption of metric system of weights and measures1933
483Adoption of the five-day week to reduce output in Chinese cotton millsChinese Cotton Mills adopt 5-day week to reduce output1933
790Advertisement for Coca-Cola in ChinaCoca Cola Ad.1930
800Advertising and urban landscapesRural Beauties Marred by Ugly Hoardings. Auto Club's Protest. Should the Council Prohibit Erection Boards Around Rubicon? ...1924
265Advertising in ChinaAmerican Publications and Advertising Agencies in China (Submitted by Vice Consul Walter A. Adams, Shanghai)1919
281Advertising in North China1931
30Advertising in ShanghaiAdvertising in Shanghai1932
282Advertising in Shanghai (reviews)Advertising in Shanghai, Advertising in China, Advertising abroad1932
89Advertising media and methodsAdvertising media and methods1927
35Advertising media and methods (I)Preliminary report on Advertising media and methods1927
34Advertising media and methods (II)Advertising media and methods. Supplementing report dated June 15, 19271927
33Advertising media and methods (III)Advertising media and methods. Supplementing report dated June 15, 19271927
278Advertising Media and Methods (report in preparation)Questionnaire No. 2001926
272Advertising mediums for American products in ChinaAdvertising mediums for American Products in China1921
11Advertising meets war and survivesCarl Crow Papers (1913-1945)1939
189Advertising the new Ford carFor Attention of the Automotive Division. Advertising the new Ford car1928
230Advisability of commercial reports1920
115Agreement between Ford Motor Company and Manchukuo Heavy Industry CompanyFord Motor Company1938
614Agricultural schools in ChinaNew Agricultural Schools1939
257Agricultural Show in Hong KongNew Territories Agricultural Show1930
407Agricultural, medical and industrial institutes in ChinaEconomic and trade notes. Agricultural, Medical and Industrial Institutes1931
683Alaska market for "Icy-Hot Bottle" CompanyAlaska market for Icy-Hot Bottle Company1923
544Alcohol Production in ChinaAlcohol Production in China1937
7Alonzo Bland Calder Papers (1911-1956)Hoover Institution Archives
228America's Opportunity in ChinaAmerica's Opportunity in China1919
154American Automotive Advertising in Hong KongAmerican Automotive Advertising in Hong Kong1932
416American branch factories in ShanghaiSpecial Report. Questionnaire #317 - American Branch Factories Abroad1931
710American Chamber of Commerce in HongkongJurisdiction of Commercial Attache. Suggestion for Organization of American Chamber of Commerce, Hongkong. American Chamber ...1924
708American Chamber of Commerce of China1918
842American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai: 28th Annual Meeting, February 3, 1947American Chamber of Commerce 22th Annual Meeting in Shanghai1947
832American Chamber of Commerce. Correspondence and Bulletins1928
830American Chamber of Commerce. Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of DirectorsMinutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce. Friday, February 3, 19281928
805American Company. Shanghai Volunteers Corps (SVC). Booklet of Information1919
45American firms in Shanghai (1930)List of American firms at Shanghai, China1930
50American firms in Shanghai (1931)List of American firms in Shanghai as of June 30, 19311931
51American firms in Shanghai (1933)List of American firms, professional men, missions, institutions, et cetera in Shanghai, China, as of August 15, 19331933
751American manufacturers of milk in ChinaReport of Trade in Milk Products, by American Consul at Hongkong1925
573American market for Chinese sesamum oil Sesamum Oil Shipments to United States1937
723American market news service to the Far East1921
326American military-trade organization in ChinaChina Asks for U.S. "Trade Army". Want Young Commercial Men to Establish 'Skirmish Line' in the Far East1918
717American News Service in ChinaThe Continuance of an American News Service in China Necessary to our Trade Developments1919
301American Office Furniture Packing for Foreign ShipmentAmerican Furniture Packing for Foreign Shipment1915
244American sample room in BeijingAmerican Sample Room in Peking1920
802American Trade developments in the OrientAmerican Trade developments in the Orient. Prepared for the Institute of International Relations, July 22-29, 1928 1928
299American Trade in ChinaAmerican Trade in China1915
308American Trade Methods in South AmericaAmerican Trade Methods in South America1915
300American Trade Relations with ChinaOur Trade Relations with China1915
520American trademarks for ChinaAmerican trade marks for China1933
325American University Club's Opportunity in ChinaThe American University Club's Opportunity in the New China1918
322Andersen, Meyer Co. and South China as a field for American enterpriseSouth China as a Field for American Enterprise1917
420Annual automobile tire report for ChinaSpecial Report. Annual automobile tire report (Questionnaire 202)1931
506Annual automotive census of China Automotive census of China, as of January 19331933
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