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34587Gallery owner chatting on the doorstepMarch 19481948, March

34588Street peddler on a commercial street 19481948

34701View of a large advertising billboard for the China Realty CompanyWednesday 20 January 1932

34702View of a large advertising billboard for Citroën trucks

34703View of a large advertising billboard for delivery motocycle (德烈固)

34704View of a large advertising billboard for Hansa Lloyd trucks (漢沙勞德卡車)

34705View of a large advertising billboard for Continental Tyres (康汀寧汽車胎)

34706Chinese flour mill near Shanghai

34707Local fruits arriving by boat in Shanghai

34708Fresh grapes stall

34709Transporting goods on a coolie-drawn cart

34710Chinese wheel barrow near Hankow1931

34711New garage and show-rooms in course of construction at Shanghai, China for Anderson & Ferroggiarro1931

34712Transporting cement on the Bund1931

34713American automotive imports1931

34714American automotive imports1931

34715American automotive imports (Andersen Meyers & Company)1931

34716American automotive imports1931

34717Coolies carrying heavy bags in the street

34718At Ferry Landing, Kowloon1930

34719Rickshaws compete with American "Pirate Cars" at Canton steamer wharf, Hong Kong1930

34720In the early days of the Kalgan-Urga Line1930

34721Five kinds of traffic in Shanghai1930

34722Industrial tractor with 20-ton trailers in Shanghai1930

34723Three modes of transportation1930

34724Old and new means of transportation 1930

34725Rickshaw and carriage stand near the railroad station in Beijing1930

34726Mongolian caravan entering Kalgan1930

34727Cartloads of wool passing customs house at Kalgan1930

34728A young rickshaw puller1930

34729A small wheel barrow handled by one man1930

34730Shanghai street car1930

34731Camel transport1930

34732Sail wheelbarrow in Shandong province

34733A youthful stevedore in North China

34734The Cathay Theater

34735Open air theater in Shen Kow1932

34736Willie's TheaterWednesday 20 January 1932

34737The Ritz Theater1932

34738The Nanking Theater (南京大戲院34768)1932

34739The Isis Theater

34740The Kwong Hwa Theater (Guanghua)Wednesday 20 January 1932

34742The Cathay TheaterWednesday 20 January 1932

34743The Hongkew Theater (Hongkou)Wednesday 20 January 1932

34744The Lane, Crawford & Co. (Ltd.) department store, Shanghai, British concern1927

34745Chinese and Indian retail shops1927

34746A hardware bazaar in one of Beijing's open air markets1927

34747Dealer in household goods, pottery and kitchen utensils in Beijing

34748Haberdashery dealer in Beijing

34749Alex Ross and Co. (China), Ltd., Hong Kong. Prince's building

34750Vendor of drug store specialities1927

34751A street barber shop1931

34752Public wash basins1927

34753Soap and cosmetic dealer in Beijing

34754Street barbers in Hong Kong

34755Local dealers in confections on a street in Beijing

34756The Yunnanfu branch of a prominent German dyestuff corporation1931

34757A general merchandise shop in Yunnanfu carries considerable stock of varied American goods1931

34758Front of a photographer's shop in Canton (Guangzhou)1931

34759Shop in Canton1931
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