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34519Rickshaw puller in a street covered with advertisements19471947

34520Workers for the Shanghai Electric Construction Co. Ltd. laying streetcar trolley rails on Nanjing Road 19071907

34521Military parade on a busy business street in pre-Republican Shanghai19061906

34523Jardine Matheson's Silk Factory19101910-1912

34524Star Film and Theater School's Office19221922

34525Peddler selling cigarettes to foreign soldiers in 192719271927

34526Flying Tigers on the rooftop of the Park Hotel19301933

34529American bar owner Frank and his Chinese wife in their bar in 1949Sunday 1 May 19491949

34531Newspaper kiosk selling the "Time" and "Esquire" on a Shanghai streetSunday 1 June 19471947

34532Flock of sheep crossing a congested street near the Bund marketWednesday 18 June 1947

34533Chinese laborers unloading watermelons Saturday 19 September 19361936

34536Billboards advertising "White Kitten" cotton prints and a Chinese movie in 1948 (close view)Thursday 1 January 19481948

34537Billboards advertising "White Kitten" cotton prints and a Chinese movie in 1948 (distant view)Thursday 1 January 19481948

34538Chinese Woman standing in front of a billboard advertising Sine Laboratory in 19461946

34539Hongkew District Circle19301930-1940

34540Unlocated casino illuminated by nightJune 19491949, June

34541Neon light advertising "Hennessy Brandy" on Nanking Road in 193619361936

34542American Tourists arriving by rickshaw at Astor House Hotel in 19331933

34543Sincere and Wing One Department Stores illuminated by night19301930

34544Park Hotel, the tallest building over 70 years19301933

34545Mailbox at a street corner in Shanghai19301930

34546Interior of a Chinese flax workshop in 194519451945

34547View of the Racecourse from Yu Ya Ching Road19301929-1939

34548Clock tower of the Shanghai Race Club19301929-1939

34549Wing On department store on Nanking Road19301930-1939

34550Traffic jam at a corner on Nanking Road (tramway advertising My Dear cigarette)19301930-1939

34551Traffic on Nanking Road19301930-1939

34552Jewellers and commercial artists shopsigns on Nanking road19301930-1939

34553Commercial street in Shanghai in 1930s (Hosiery shop)19301930-1939

34554Street car advertisements passing by Lane Crawford department store on Nanking Road19301930-1939

34555Princess Theatre in Hongkong (樂宮戲院) 19521952-1970

34556Billboards advertising Lion Beer and other products on Nanking Road19301930-00-00

34557Shopsigns and banners on Fuzhou road19301930-1939

34559Bird-eye view of Public Garden (restricted area)

34560British Patrol standing at corner Hankow & Hupeh Road19161916

34562Suzhou Creek in 1933: an advertising desert19331933

34563Roof billboard advertising LUX Toilet Soap featuring movie star Jane Wyman? January 19481948, January

34564Giant billboard advertising "Unversal brand" wool thread (地球牌絨線)January 19481948, January

34565Spectacular billboards along the Racecourse in 1948January 1948January 1948

34566Billboards advertising "White Kitten" cotton prints Thursday 1 January 19481948

34567Passer-by carefully reading a placard "sniped" on a billboard advertising "Pegasus brand" (飛馬牌 feimapai) in 1948 January 19481948

34568Passers-by carefully watching Chinese paintings pined to a bamboo fenceJanuary 19481948

34569Billboard advertising "Elegant" Vanishing Cream (嫩靣香品雅霜 Nenmian xiangpin yashuang) Thursday 1 January 19481948

34570Smiling pilgrim standing in front of billboards January 19481948

34571Billboards advertising a brand of textile and thermos bottle round the RacecourseJanuary 1948January 1948

34572Roof billboard advertising Gibbs Castile Toilet Soap (㓗士香皂 Jieshi xiangzao) in a tailors' streetJanuary 19481948

34573Rickshaw parked in front a row of billboardsThursday 1 January 19481948

34574Roof Billboard advertising Elegant Cream (嫩靣香品雅霜 Nenmian xiangpin yashuang) at a major crossroad and transportation hub19481948

34575Roof billboard advertising a brand of stockings above the Asia Pharmacy19481948

34576Giant billboards advertising "Beauty" bar soap (美麗肥皂) and Smoker's cigarettes (三王牌香煙)January 19481948, January

34577Neon sign advetising Ford motor car above a tailor shopJanuary 19481948

34578Metropole Hotel under construction, Shanghai, August 1930Monday 11 August 1930

34579Military parade on Szechuen Road (?)January 19481948

34580Stretcher in front of a clock shopJanuary 19481948

34581Jewish shopsigns on a commercial street19381938-1939

34582Banners and trolleys carrying advertisements in Nanjing Road 19301930-1940

34583Waiting for the National Revolution Army - Banner advertisement for cigarette (view from the right)March 19271927, March

34584Waiting for the National Revolution Army - Banner advertisement for cigarette (view from the left)March 19271927, March

34585Passers-by carefully reading wall propaganda posters19481948

34586Bird-eye view of Shanghai by night19481948
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