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MADSpace (Mapping Advertising Space) was born in 2016 as a digital companion to a PhD dissertation devoted to a spatial history of advertising in modern China. It was designed to store, organize and connect primary sources or raw data (archives, printed materials, maps, photos), analytical materials or cooked data (graphs, maps, trees, tables, timelines), multimedia narratives (dissertation, published papers, unpublished essays), bibliographical references and other resources. It also includes a relational database of some 2,000 historical actors involved in the advertising industry (companies, branded products). Since then, it has expanded beyond its initial purpose to include over 950 archival documents, 1,500 printed materials, 1,000 images, and more than 700 “cooked data” to date, all related to various interconnected research interests that branch out of the history of advertising, such as market expertise, consumer culture, Americanization, the modern press and public opinion in China. It is regularly updated and enriched.

For further information about the classification of materials and the terminology adopted, please see the "User's guide".


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