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Full referenceAmerican Academy of Political and Social Science, China. Social and Economic Conditions (1912)
Author(s)American Academy of Political and Social Science
TitleChina. Social and Economic Conditions
Year of publication1912
Place of publicationPhiladelphia
PublisherAmerican Academy of Political and Social Science
Number of Pages260
KeywordsChina; social; economic; condition; description; United States; association; political; science; mission; religion; reconstruction; government; Manchuria; medicine; commerce; geography; resource; value; girl; everyday; life;

"Book department": p. 179-220

An interpretation of China / L.Y. Ho -- The Chinese revolution / Tai-Chi Quo -- Certain aspects of Chinese reconstruction / A.H. Smith -- Republican government in China / C.L. Jones -- The one solution of the Manchurian problem / P. Weale -- The open door / F. McCormick -- The life of a girl in china / Miss Li Yi Yieni Tsao -- A wedding in south China / Miss Ying-Mei Chan -- Causes of Chinese emigration / Pyau Ling -- China's method of revising her educational system / F.L.H. Pott -- Extraterritoriality in China / F.E. Hinckley -- The Chinese Young men's Christian association / D.W. Edwards -- Medicine as practiced by the Chinese / W.W. Cadbury -- China : Geography and resources / G.B. Roorbach -- American commercial interests in Manchuria / D.G. Munro -- Notes on the mammals of economic value in China / M.P. Anderson

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