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Full referenceCarl Crow, Inc., "The Wasted Half Dollar". Advertisement for Carl Crow, Inc. (1937)
TypeBook chapter
Author(s)Carl Crow, Inc.
Title"The Wasted Half Dollar". Advertisement for Carl Crow, Inc.
Year of publication1937
Place of publicationShanghai
EditorsCarl Crow, Inc.
Title of bookNewspaper Directory of China
PublisherCarl Crow, Inc.
Start page0
Keywordsadvertising, advertisement, advertiser, directory, newspaper, periodical, self-promotion, value, waste, interwar

John Wannamaker, whose fortune was founded on successful advertising, once said that he felt sure that one-half of every dollar he had ever spent for advertising had been wasted, but he was never sure which half of the dollar it was. The problem of the wasted half dollar in advertising expenditure is one which will never be solved, because advertising is an intangible force which can not be measured by a foot rule or checked on a cash register. The fact that with such an admitted wastage advertising remains such a potent and growing factor in business proves its efficacy. 

We can, in many ways, help you to save at least a part of that wasted half dollar. For example, we have been placing and checking the results from advertising in a great many publications in China for more than a decade. We know, for example, not by one test but by hundreds, that certain publications can be counted on to secure certain results. We also know that other publications which receive a great amount of the advertisers’ money are practically valueless. 

We would be glad to discuss your next advertising plans with you and without any obligation on your part. Suppose you write us today: Carl Crow, Inc., 81 Jinkee Road, Shanghai.


Quoted by Wang, 2000: 29-30

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