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Full referenceWe Should Run the Government (1919)
TypeJournal article
TitleWe Should Run the Government
JournalCanton Times
Keywordsreturned student; organization; Guangdong; circulation; China; opinion; criticism; pamphlet; radical; democracy;

Account of the speech that Sun Yat-Sen delivered before the Western Returned Students' Union in Shanghai, urging them to "run the government" so as to replace the three "corrupted" classes that currently run the government:  the "old, effete and rotten Mandarins", the "illiterate, beastly military satraps" and the "professional political intriguers" who collaborated with the Japanese. 

Another speaker called for a more aggressive action from the Union and urged its members to take greater interest in the affairs of the state. The speaker also emphasized that people in China were becoming more the masters of their own destinaty and that true and capable leaders were needed to lay the foundations for a developing democracy. The article considered that the eyes of the nation were now focalized on the Western Returned Students. 


September 11, 1919

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