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Full referenceChina Institute of America, Thesis and Dissertations by Chinese Students in America. Bulletin 4 (1927)
Author(s)China Institute of America
TitleThesis and Dissertations by Chinese Students in America. Bulletin 4
Place of publicationNew York
PublisherChina Institute of America
Number of Pages42
KeywordsChina; United States; Beijing; New York; organization; bulletin; student; directory; dissertation; research; graduate; university; statistics;

List of thesis and dissertations by Chinese students in America (suuplementary list), arranged by year (from 1915 to 1928), with the author's name, grade (PhD, M.A.), university, title of work, code (call number?). Also includes a summary by year (from 1902 to 1928) and institution (including titles reported in Bulletin 4 - probably the main list, unavailable in Hornbeck Papers), and an index


The China Institute of America was established in Peking in 1926, at the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the China Foundation of the Promotion of Education and Culture, on February 26-29, 1926. Headquarters located 119 West 57th Street, New York City


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