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Full referenceWomen Returned Students' Christmas Party for Foreign Spinsters (1919)
TypeJournal article
TitleWomen Returned Students' Christmas Party for Foreign Spinsters
JournalShanghai Times
Date publication1919
Keywordsreturned student; women; Shanghai; organization; club; United States; United Kingdom; biography; elite; tea; dance; dinner; entertainment; disguise; Christmas; procession; gender; patriotism; prize; friendship; music; election; single

Christmas Party. Foreign Spinsters Guests of Women Returned Students

Provides a very detailed account of the first major Sino-foreign ssocial event organized by the Chinese women returned students' club for American and English spinster collegians residing in Shanghai, stressing the novelty of such an event: "Such a function has never been held before in Shanghai by an for purely college women foreign and chinese, and the novetly and delight of it was a thoroughly happy time for all concerned". During the meeting were also elected the new officers of the Women Returned Students' Club for the coming year. 


Published in the Shanghai Times, December 25, 1919. See also other account (very similar) published in the North China Herald, December 27, 1919. 

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