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Full referenceWomen Returned Students' in Social Work (1920)
TypeJournal article
TitleWomen Returned Students' in Social Work
JournalShanghai Gazette
Date publication1920
Keywordsreturned student; women; Shanghai; organization; club; Shanghai; Guangdong; criticism; service; generation; professional; art; patriotism;

Summarizes an article published in Millard's Review of Far East, that provides a detailed account of the creation of the  Women's Returned Students' Club, its purposes and activities, with a view to refute the charge often made against returned students. 

The clubs' main goals - as stated in its founding constitution - are the following: 

  1. To cultivate among the members a spirit of co-operation and friendliness.
  2. To promote by all lawful and practical means the common welfare or our sister-women. 
  3. To endeavor to reform the oustanding social evils and harmful customs of the Chinese. 

Also provides a description of its members, and an estimation of the number of American or European women returned students in Shanghai (about 30), about a third having returned for 10 to 12 years, another third during the last four years (since 1915) and the remainer being new arrivals. Identifies two groups of women: the first engaged as educators or physicians; the second engaged in the creating of better homes and of assisting YWCA and similar institution, especially in program aimed at reforming modern society. Considers that it is uneasy to classify the interest and activities of the last and new group, since they have not yet had time to get adjusted to their present surroundings and are still searching out their particular niche in the scheme of life. 


Published in the Canton Times, July 8, 1920. 

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