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Full referenceIndustrial Section Report (1939)
TypeJournal article
TitleIndustrial Section Report
JournalNorth-China Herald
Keywordsreport; engineer; index; industrial accident; statistics; wage; worker; age; cost of living; purchasing power; Chinese Statistical Society; Shanghai Municipal Council; Shanghai; China; war;

Summarizes the 1938 annual report of Industrial Section of the Shanghai Municipal Council. 

Observes a phase of transition and improvement of the situation as compared to 1938. The report indicates the extent of destruction in classified industries and present the directions in which recovery has moved. For the time the report also includes vital information related to workers' livelihood. 

Four Main Phases Outlined in Part 1 of Document; Destruction and Revival

  • Destruction and Recovery
  • Industrial accidents
  • Younger Worked Injured
  • Accident Compensation
  • Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Part II Deals with Workers' Livelihood 

  • Cost of Living and Retail Prices
  • 1938
  • Dollar Purchasing Power
  • Retail Prices in 1938
  • Wages Rates Earnings
  • Wages before and After Hostilities
  • Working hours per day
  • Working days per month
  • Trend of Real Wages



Published in the North-China Herald, February 1, 1939

Emphasizes the distinction between cost of living, retail price, purchasing power and their correlation; and also between wage rate (expressed in hourly or monthly earnings) and real wage (related to price)

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