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Full referenceAh Huna Tong, Mrs. Young Prefers to Teach. Principal of Secondary School Would Guide Young People (1935)
TypeJournal article
Author(s)Ah Huna Tong
TitleMrs. Young Prefers to Teach. Principal of Secondary School Would Guide Young People
JournalChina Press
Date publication1935
Keywordsreturned student; women; education; science; teaching; Y.W.C.A.; Shanghai; China; United States;

Accounts for the activities and carriers of a "model" women returned students, who holds the  rather honorable position of principal of the only S.M.C. Secondary School for Chinese Girls in Shanghai. Briefly traces her biography (birth in Hubei, daughter of the first ordained Methodist minister in Central China, primary and secondary education in mission schools and Kiukiang High Shool, college education in the United States, first Albion College, Michigan, and graduated from Michigan School, then postgraduate work in mathematics and science at the University of Syracuse, NY; second trip to the US later to study at the University of Chicago secondary school education school). Also briefly portrays her husband (building secretary of the Chinese YMCA in the French Concession). Mrs. Young also engaged in women and Christian organizations (Y.W.C.A., Joint Committee of Shanghai Women's Organizations) but confessed that she prefers to save time for teaching. The article stresses that most of the teaching staff at the SMC secondary school are college graduates and half are foreign returned women. The school also emphasizes extra-curricular activities aimed at training good citizens. 


Published in the China Press, June 8, 1935

NB the article is signed (probably a women author)


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