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TitleT.A. Cooper, Suggested locations for erecting advertising clocks in settlements streets utilising poles & standards of Public Utility companies (1927)
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Year Start1927

T.A. Cooper. Map and list of proposed locations for erecting advertising clocks in settlements streets utilising poles & standards of Public Utility companies (1927). Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3-3381 (0200-0207).

Installation of Advertising Clocks in Settlements Streets Utilising Poles & Standards of Public Utility Companies - T.A. Cooper. 1927-1928. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3-3381 (0199-0211).

Lettre de T.A. Cooper au S.M.C - Subject: Erection of Advertising Clocks at Cross-roads in Shanghai. Shanghai, November 2, 1927. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3-3381 (0200-0202).

With reference to my recent interview with you on the subject of the installation of Advertising Clocks at the principle cross-roads in Shanghai, I beg to append below full particulars of the scheme of which I would respectfully request the Council's approval. The scheme in view has many advantages for the general public, not only it is unique and capable of great results from and advertising point of view, but also will be a great benefit in having the correct time continually in the public, and what is more advantageous, will greatly assist the Municipal Police authorities in the regulation of traffic, as it is proposed to embrace such traffic signals as are at present in, or may come into force at the different cross-roads.

(p.2/4) To give a general idea of this form of advertising I enclose a rough sketch of the clock with the hour and minute marked thereon, advertising spaces and traffic hint included.
As already explained, the clock is divided into four separate squares, the left hand lower squre represents the hour of the day and the right hand lower one the minutes. The two top squares are to be utilised for advertising purposes together with the side borders. The whole apparatus works on a revolving system, a new or different flap drops down at every change of hour and minute. The size of the clock is approximately three feet in width, two feet high and one foot six inches in depth - the inside measurements of the separated squares measuring approximatedly 12 inches by 9 inches. The outside border is about 6 inches in width, the top and lower borders being primarly used for traffic signals wherever necessary - these spaces will be offered gratis to the police Authorities - but where not required the spaces will be utilised for commercial advertisements. All clocks will be illuminated at night by electric lights placed at each corner, and they will also be synchronised.

Application will be made to the difference Companies concerned for permission to erect the clocks on existing telephone, telegraph or electric light standards situated in the most prominent position at the various cross-roads The clocks will be erected at such a distance from the ground as will not interfere with traffic, but at the same time easily readable at a distance.

It is proposed, as an experiment, to erect clocks at the junction of The Bund and Nanking Road, ant Nanking Road and Szechuen Road, but before so doing a private demonstration will be given, if this is considered necessary.
If the movement is sucessful, similar clocks will be erected from time to time at the undermentioned cross-roads, and I would request the Council's permission for their erection at these points: The Bund and Nanking Road; Nanking and Szechuen Roads, Nanking and Chekiang Road; Nanking and Thibet Road; Outside Shanghai Race Club's Main Entrance ; Bubbling Well Road and Avenue Haig; The Bund and Avenue Edward VII; Avenue Edward VII and Thibet Road; N. Szechuen Road and North Soochow Roads; N. Szechuen and N. Soochow Road ; and such other points as may be considered desirable.

At the present time I am not in a position to say when they are likely to be erected, but it is hoped that this will be done in the early part of next year.
I trust I have presented the schem as plainly as possible, but if the Council require to be enlightened on any points which I have failed tobring out I shall be only too glad to answer any quesions they may ask.  

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