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TitleCorrespondance table between measured/actual dimensions of advertising areas in the newspaper Shenbao (1914-1949)
Year Start1914
Year End1949
DateTuesday 6 December 2016

As we did not have direct access to the original copies of the newspaper Shenbao, this correspondance table helps fo convert artificial dimensions of the pages and advertisement areas (lenght, height and surface), as they have been measured after reprinted or digitized copies, into their actual dimensions, as they actually were in oiriginal copies. This conversion is made possible by the precise meausrements of actual page dimensions made from original copies hold at the Shanghai Municipal Library by qualified and helpulf librarians. We then simply mutipllied measured dimensions by a coefficient conversion calculated by relating measured/actual dimensions of the page.

For measuring advertising areas,  we have identified seven gradual areas slices, designated by a letter (from A to G), depending on the proportion of the page they occupied ("S" stands for surface):

  • A : < 5% page
  • B : 5 < S < 10%
  • C: 10 < S < 15%
  • D : 15 < S < 20%
  • E : 20 < S < 25%
  • F : 25 < S < 50%
  • G : > 50%

In order to cover as finely as possible the wide range of possible advertising areas, each slice has been subdivided into "areal model", designed by a number (from A1, A2..... to G3).

Keywordstable, conversion, correspondance, coefficient, actual, measure, lenght, height, surface, area, model, slice,
LanguageChinese, English, French

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