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TitleClassification of social-professional occupations at the Shanghai Rotary Club
Year Start1930
Year End1948
DateSaturday 30 March 2019

The attached table offers a multi-layered classification of social-professional occupations of Shanghai Rotarians between 1930 and 1984. The correspondence table contains: 

  • a gross classification reduced to three broad categories (middle managers, trade and business owners, professionals and senior executives), so as to enable cross-analyses and comparisons across space and time (CSP_1)
  • a more refined typology, closer to the original, so as to better render the complex structure of Rotarians' occupations (CSP_2)
  • the original list of occupations, as given in the original source (three successives rosters published in 1930, 1940 and 1948) (CSP_name)


KeywordsRotary ; club ; organization ; elite ; classification ; service ; profession ; selection ; standard ; Shanghai ; transnational ;

Tab246_Rotary_CSP_1930-48.xlsx (13.67 ko)

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