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TitleThe Rotary Club of Shanghai: Program of meetings under Chinese leadership
Year Start1927
Year End1938
DateThursday 11 June 2020

The attached table lists all the club meetings that took place under the four major Chinese presidents - L.M. Jee (1927-8), Fong Sec (1931-2), Percy Chu (1934-5), and W.H. Tan (1937-8) - and while Yinson Lee (recognized as a most talented organizer of social events) was chairman of the Programme committee (1934-6). Drawing on the reports of meeting published in the local press (especiallgy the three major English-language newspapers North-China Herald, China Weekly Review and China Press), we provide information on the date and place of meeting, the nature of the event, the topic of the discussion, the name of the speaker of the day, his nationality and institutional affiliation. For analytical purposes, we classified topics into 17 categories (country, culture, economics, education, health, industry, law, military, politics, Rotary matters, science, social, sports, travel, other) and affiliations into eight main categories (academe, army, associations, business, central government, foreign government, international organization, local government, other).

Our purpose in building this dataset was to discuss whether the program of the Rotary Club of Shanghai was given more "Chinese flavor" while Chinese members took leadership positions in the club. We defined two main criteria for gauging the "Chineseness" of the program: the nature of events and the nationality of speakers invited at regular meetings. We also analyzed the topic of lectures in connection with speakers’ nationality and affiliation. 

In the attached file, the first sheet refers to the master table containing all information we were able to compile on every event we were able to identify, while the following sheets contain the pivot tables we used for statistical analyses that are available in the "Graphs" section. 


KeywordsRotary club ; Americanization ; program ; meeting ; programme committee ; newspapers ; speaker ; talk ; Shanghai ;

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