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245Commercial Museum in ShanghaiCommercial Museum in Shanghai1920
246Reorganization of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce 1921
247Shanghai Automobile ShowShanghai Automobile Show1921
248North Manchurian Industrial ExhibitionNorth Manchurian Industrial Exhibition1922
249Proposed Permanent International Trade Exhibition in TianjinPlans for Permanent Trade Exhibition in Tientsin1925
250Nanyang Engineering ExhibitionNanyang Engineering Exhibition1926
251Shanghai exhibitBureau material for exhibit at Shanghai1927
252Proposed Construction Engineering Exposition in HankouFolio of Plans Published by Construction Engineering Exposition1927
253Proposed Industrial Machinery Exhibition in TianjinHautes Etudes Industrielles et Commerciales Request 1927
254Industrial Museum at Swatow (Shantou, Guandong)Special Circular No. 184 - Division of Regional Information. An Industrial Museum at Swatow1929
255Proposed dental exhibition in TianjinDental Exhibition of Modern Dentistry1930
256Pillsbury Flour Mills Company's Educational ExhibitThe Story of Flour1929
257Agricultural Show in Hong KongNew Territories Agricultural Show1930
258National Products Exhibit in ShanghaiNative Products Exhibit at Shanghai1931
259Good Roads Exhibition in Shanghai1931
260Chiatung University Engineering & Railway ExhibitionMotion Picture Films shown at Chiatung University Exhibition1933
261National Mining, Metallurgical and Geological ExhibitionMining Exhibition, China1934
262Shanghai Dairy ShowShanghai Dairy Show. Exhibition of Bulls and Cows1936
263Proposed Permanent Exhibit of American Mechanical Equipment in ShanghaiExhibit of American Mechanical Equipment1937
264Exhibition of Wartime Paintings in Chungking (Chongqing)Exhibition of Wartime Paintings in Chungking 1940
265Advertising in ChinaAmerican Publications and Advertising Agencies in China (Submitted by Vice Consul Walter A. Adams, Shanghai)1919
266Chun Mei News' advertising work in Chinese Advertising in Chinese 1919
267China advertising expert needed for the Seventh National Foreign Trade Convention, San FranciscoAdvertising - Seventh National Foreign Trade Convention1920
269Commercial significance of colors in China1920
270Sanger's weekly reportReport of J.W. Sanger for week ending June 19, 19201920
271Difficulties of American Advertising in ChinaAmerican advertising in China1921
272Advertising mediums for American products in ChinaAdvertising mediums for American Products in China1921
273List of advertising media in Republican ChinaList of advertising media in the Chinese Republic1924
274Arkell & Douglas CatalogueArkell & Douglas Catalogue1923
275Cooperation with the American Association of Advertising Agencies 1923
276Information on newspapers in Mukden (Shenyang)Advertising Media in Mukden, China1926
277Information on newspapers in Harbin and Dairen (Dalian)Newspapers published in Harbin and Dairen, Manchuria1926
278Advertising Media and Methods (report in preparation)Questionnaire No. 2001926
279Strother's Advertising Agency1926
280Information on advertising calendar in China1928
281Advertising in North China1931
282Advertising in Shanghai (reviews)Advertising in Shanghai, Advertising in China, Advertising abroad1932
283List of advertising media in Beijing and TianjinAdvertising Media List for China1935
284List of advertising media in CantonCompletion of Canton Advertising Media List1935
285China's Progress in AdvertisingChina's Progress in Advertising1937
286China-America Council of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (1943-1946)China-America Council of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (1944-1946)1944
290Series of audits and inquiries made on CCAA (1929-1940)Series of audits and inquiries made on CCAA by various banks and audit firms (1929-1940)“近十年中国之广告事业”(中央文). 上海商业储蓄银行有关集美,远东商务,美灵登,上海美术,金亚,光明霓虹,联合,华商等广告公司的调查资料 ...1936
291The Development of China's Foreign TradeThe Development of China's Foreign Trade1915
292Visit of Chinese Commercial Delegation to the United StatesVisit of the Chinese Commercial Delegation to the United States1915
293Yokohama Specie Bank's view on the effets of the 21 demands on the relations between China, Japan and the U.S. China, Japan and the United States1915
294Sino-Japanese TreatiesChino-Japanese Treaties1915
295Proposed American Business Men's ClubAmerican Business Men's Club1915
296Proposed American Business Men's ClubAmerican Business Men's Club1915
297Chinese boycott of Japanese in ManchuriaChinese boycott of Japanese 1915
298British Attitude Toward American EnterpriseBritish Attitude Toward American Enterprise1915
299American Trade in ChinaAmerican Trade in China1915
300American Trade Relations with ChinaOur Trade Relations with China1915
301American Office Furniture Packing for Foreign ShipmentAmerican Furniture Packing for Foreign Shipment1915
302Shipping facilities for exports to AmericaAdequacy of Shipping Facilities1915
303Merchant Shipping in Yokohama, JapanMerchant Shipping1915
304Merger between the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. and the Atlantic Transport Co. The Pacific Mail Line. Steamers Sold to British Company1915
305War effects on foreign imports in QingdaoSource of foreign imports into Tsingtau, China, and the effect of the war1915
306Foreign imports into Qindgao, China (1913)Foreign Goods imported into Tsingtao, China, during 1913 - Classified according to the place of shipment (Selected items ...1913
307The chewing-gum market in ChinaChewing-gum for China1915
308American Trade Methods in South AmericaAmerican Trade Methods in South America1915
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