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309Developing China's foreign trade How China May Develop Her Foreign Trade1916
310Newspapers advertisements for foreign exchange banks in ChinaForeign Exchange Banks in China1916
311Securing Trade Connections in ChinaSecuring Trade Connections in China1916
312Business training for American consular officers in China and JapanArticle for Publication - "Mercantile Training for Consular Officers in China and Japan"1916
313Commercial training for British consular assistants in ChinaCommercial training for consular assistants1917
314Cable censorship regulations for ChinaCable censorship regulations for China1917
315Improving American trade with China (supplementary report)Improving American trade with China (Supplementary Report to be affixed to original report on same subject, dated February ...1917
316Improving American trade with China (original report)Report "Improving American trade with China"1917
317Suggested Research Bureau for Foreign Trade ClubsSuggested Research Bureau for Foreign Trade Clubs1917
318Japanese Cooperation in American Enterprise in ChinaJapanese Cooperation in American Enterprise in China1917
319Dr. Ya Mei Kin's Agricultural Project in ChinaDr. Ya Mei Kin's Agricultural Project 1917
320Commercial training for British consular assistants in the EastThe Training of the Assistant for Mercantile and Other Services in the East 1917
321Chinese attitude toward German propagandaChinese attitude to Lansing-Ishii Note and German Propaganda1917
322Andersen, Meyer Co. and South China as a field for American enterpriseSouth China as a Field for American Enterprise1917
323Commercial Significance of selection of men for military service in China (Basset's memo)Selection of Men for Military Service in China - Commercial Significance1917
324Chinese coinsChinese Coins1917
325American University Club's Opportunity in ChinaThe American University Club's Opportunity in the New China1918
326American military-trade organization in ChinaChina Asks for U.S. "Trade Army". Want Young Commercial Men to Establish 'Skirmish Line' in the Far East1918
327Effect of the Lansing-Ishii agreement1918
328The China Monroe DoctrineThe Asiatic (China) Monroe Doctrine. By I. Tokutomi, Editor of the Kokumin Shimbun1918
329Plague situation in ShansiThe Plague1918
330Chinese currency reformChinese Currency Reform1918
331Witholding of salt revenuesWitholding of Salt Revenues1918
332Lumber Business between Pacific Coast and ChinaLumber Business between Pacific Coast and China1918
333Japanese loans to Chinese provinces on wine and tobacco businessJapanese Loan to China on Wine and Tobacco Monopoly1918
334List of foreign and Chinese insurance companies in ChinaLife insurance companies in China1918
335Japanese loans on Manchurian forestsJapanese Loans on Manchurian Forests1918
336War propaganda in ChinaWar Propaganda in China1918
337Racial Riots in ShanghaiRacial Riots in Shanghai1918
338Commercial Attaches in ChinaCommercial Attaches of Foreign Governments in China1918
339Hand labor in Chinese clothing factoriesConditions in China manufacture underclothing shoes and knapsacks1918
340Anti-American Feeling at Kalgan (Zhangjiakou, Hebei)Anti-American Feeling at Kalgan1918
341Commercial Attache's pessimism on American trade with China1920
342Suggestions to assist American firms in China1920
343Preparation and confidential nature of trade reports 1920
344Preparation, distribution and reception of trade reports 1922
345Semi-monthly trade and economic report for China (February 15, 1922)Semi-monthly Trade and Economic Report for China - 15 February, 1922 ( By Commercial Attache Julean Arnold)1922
346Market for Leather Shoe Making MachineryEconomic and Trade Notes. Shanghai, China. December 24, 1931. Market for Leather Shoe Making Machinery. 1931
347Accrediting China Organization for Material Accrediting China Organization for Material 1924
348Dyes trade in TianjinChemical Trade Bulletin - 5b1924
349Canvas Rubber-Soled Footwear Trade in ChinaRubber Footwear Trade Notes1924
350China Monthly Trade Bulletin for China Club, Seattle Copy of China Monthly Trade Bulletin for China Club, Seattle 1924
351Substitute for Quarterly ReviewSubstitute for Quarterly Review1924
352Illustrated reports Articles for Publications1924
353Production, circulation and reception of periodic trade reports1924
354Production, circulation and reception of periodic trade reports1926
355Production, circulation and reception of periodic trade reports1927
356List of American firms interested in China1927
357China Monthly Trade Report (October 1927)China Monthly Trade Report. Compiled by American Commercial Attache (Peking-Shanghai). U.S. Department of Commerce. Issue ...1927
358Imports of automotive products into Shanghai (August, 1931)Economic and trade notes. Imports of automotives into Shanghai during August, 19311931
359Modern Paper Factory in Jiaxing, ZhejiangModern Paper Factory, Kashing, Checkiang Province, China1931
360Records of Yangtze Rapids Navigation Company's OperationsEconomic and trade notes. Records of Yangtze Rapids Navigation Company's Operations1931
361Establishment of the National Economic Council in NanjingThe National Government at Nanking Establishes a National Economic Council1931
362Prospects of Electrical Industry in China Economic and trade notes. Prospects of Electrical Industry in China1931
363Chinese National Government Loan PaymentsEconomic and trade notes. Chinese National Government Loan Payments1931
364Flood Relief Customs SurtaxEconomic and trade notes. Flood Relief Customs Surtax1931
365Shanghai Lumber MarketEconomic and trade notes. Shanghai Lumber Market during November 1931
366Proposed business taxEconomic and trade notes. Proposed Business Tax1931
367Shanghai Paper Market (November, 1931)Economic and trade notes. Shanghai Paper Market during November 1931
368Shanghai Iron and Steel Market (November 1931)Economic and trade notes. Shanghai Iron and Steel Market during November 1931
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