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34419Victims of the Great World bombingSaturday 14 August 1937August 1937

34420View of Thibet Road after the Great World Bombing Saturday 14 August 1937August 1937

34421Billboard advertising Coca-Cola during a gunfire 19371937-1943

34422Illuminated clock advertising Ruby Queen cigarette September 1938

34423Neon-light spectacular advertising Beehive woolen goodsSeptember 1938

34424Moving board advertising "Chocolat Menier" in the French concession (ca. 1920)19201920

34425Wall posters (left) in a Chinese narrow street on a sunny (undated)1920

34426Daily life in a lilong1920-1935

34427Mildred Elizabeth "Betty" Crow

34428Norris B. Wood (undated)

34429C.P. Ling seated on the running board of his new V-8 Fordor Sedan in 1932Saturday 27 August 1932

34430C.C.A.A.'s tenth Anniversary Celebration party at the Park Hotel in 1936Tuesday 1 September 1936

34431Portrait of Carl Crow ca. 1937

34432Portrait of Carl Crow's first wife (Mildred S. Powers)

34433Portrait of F.C. Millington

34434Portrait of F.C. Millington

34435Missourians on watch towers of the Orient Sunday 14 June 1931

34436Metropole Hotel under construction, Shanghai, September 1930Monday 15 September 19301930

34437Giant poster advertising Cadum in Paris in 1926

34438Tramway advertising cigarette brands on the Bund (French Concession) in the 1930s 19301930

34439Double-decker bus advertising "Aspro" on Nanking Road in the 1930s19301930

34440Shopsign advertising a German Restaurant on Bubbling Well Road in the 1930s 19301930

34441Billboards along the Racecourse in the 1940s19401940

34443Billboard advertising Good Year toothpaste featuring the brand iconic boy in 194819481948

34444Billboards in course of erection or repainting in 1948January 19481948

34445Portrait of Philip Bickel (undated)19201920

34446Hoardings advertising movies and cigarette in the French Concession October 19321932

34447Shanghai by night in 1933 February 19331933

34448Nanking Road by night19301930

34449Food seller in Shanghai harbor in 1933 February 19331933

34450Wall billboards at the Wanchai Hennessy Road entrance in 1940s Hongkong 19401940

34451Shopsigns in an arch-street in the French Concession in 1932July 19321932, July-December

34453Nanking Road and the Cathay Hotel in the background19401940

34454Rickshaws in a commercial street 19401940

34455Billboards advertising cigarettes and other products behind a barricade in 193219321932

34457Jewish shopsigns: Esco Universal Store19381938-1939

34458Jewish shopsigns: Boris Only Cash Cafe19381938-1939

34459Jewish shopsigns: Mitford ChemicalWorks, Nanking Pharmacy, Exquisite19381938-1939

34460Jewish shopsigns: Mr. Meyer's Broadway Store, Shanghai, China19381938-1939

34461Ding Feng store: Storefront with advertisements for sandalwood and longan19491949

34462Victoria Produce Company: Cafe & Confectionery19381938-1939

34463Mercury Radio Supply Co19491949

34464Da Jing Chou Duan Ju fabric store 大經綢綬局 (dajingchoushouju)19491949

34465Two men loading Texaco bottles, in front of a "post no bill" placard19381938-1939

34466Chang Chun Hao store19491949

34468Sincere Department store (新新公司)19201920

34469Child running in a narrow Chinese street in 1950-1960s Hongkong19501950-1960

34470British tramway crossing a car on the Garden brigde (Wabai 渡桥) 19301930

34471Shanghai Tramway Company vehicle (line 2)19101910

34472In front of Hongkew slaughterhouse (汉口路屠宰场)19201920

34473Shopsigns and banners in a narrow street in Shanghai 19201920

34474Cathay Theatre on Avenue Joffre in Shanghai (colorized postcard)19301930

34475"Three Fives" 555 brand of aluminium saucepans in a street market in ShanghaiJanuary 19481948, January

34476Food stalls corner Changle/Xingle Roads (formerly rue Bourgeat, undated)19481948

34477Shops in Nanking Road before 191119101910

34478East Nanking Road (pre Han 金陵東路 Jinling donglu) in the 1950s? 19501950

34514Shanghai streetscape on Foochow road in the 1930s19301930

34516Foreign woman reading at home, Shanghai 1898-190218981898-1912

34517Two sisters seated on a bench wearing modern clothes in 1930s Shanghai19301930

34518Broadway Mansions19301934-1939
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