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NameInvestments and speculation in China
AuthorBatchelder, Acting Commercial Attache, Peking
CollectionNARA, General records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce (RG151)
Sub collectionTrade Promotion, Foreign Trade, Business Conditions (China, 1919-1922)
Reference NumberFile Class 411, Box 1747
Repository typeArchive

Letter from Batchelder, Acting Chief, Far Eastern Division, to Arnold, Commercial Attache, Peking, dated September 15, 1921, requesting further information on the investment of several hundreds of millions of dollars in stock and produce-exchange and bank and trust companies in China, as reported in the report of August 8, 1921. 


File Class 411, Box 1747, 1919-1922, p.29


Keywordsbusiness ; report ; bank ; investment ; speculation
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