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NameShanghai as a shipping center
TitleShanghai as a shipping center
AuthorHuston, J.C, American Consul
CollectionNARA, General records of the Department of State (RG59)
Sub collectionConsular Trade Reports
Reference NumberBox 652
Repository typeArchive


Importance of the Pacific Area - Shipping rivalry on the Pacific

American Shipping in the Pacific Area - Table showing American tonnage operated in the Pacific 

The importance of Shanghai as a shipping center

  • The silting up of the Yangtze river
  • Anchorage of Shanghai 
  • Woosung
  • Climate prevailing winds and fogs
  • Proposed plan for Greater Shanghai 

Harbor facilities, wharf, pontoons and moorings (14)

  • Classification of frontaages
  • Moorings
    • Rate of wharfage
    • Buoys
    • Pilotage
  • Pilotage tariff

Docking facilities (15)

  • Storage
  • Bonded wharehouses
  • Lighterage and harbor transportation (15) 
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Wireless and Communications
  • Cable and Telegrams
    • Ship's stores
    • Explosives
    • Oil storage
    • Time signals
  • Repairs, shipbuilding and supplies 
  • The Shanghai Dock and Engineering Co,, Ltd
  • The New Engineering and Shipbuilding Works, Ltd. 
  • The Kiangan Dock and Engineering Works
  • Societe Franco-Chinese de Construction Metalliques et Mecaniques, otherwise known as the "Kiousin Dock"
  • Ship's Chandlers Supplies
  • Engineering Supplies
    • Laundry
    • Water
    • Coal
    • Fuel Oil
  • Sanitation and Hospitals
    • Garbage

Customs procedure and tules 

Whangpoo Conservancy Board

The phenomenal growth of shanghai as a commercial trading port

Shanghai as shipping port 

Ocean Steamship companies maintaining a regular service from Shanghai (17a) 

Ocean freigh conferences (17 (c), (d), (e) 18)

Marine insurance

Proposed abolition of foreign shipping rights in China 

Coastal and river shipping 

Yangtze river traffic 

Importance of Szechwan trade to American Manufacturers 

Chinese aids to navigation

Piracy in Chinese waters (confidential) 

Periodical shipping reports 

Sources of information 

Index to illustrations


  1. Official list of rentable moorings
  2. Sanitary regulations for the port of Shanghai
  3. Report of the Whangpoo Conservancy Board
  4. Ocean Steamship Lines Operating out of Shanghai
  5. List of companies writing marine insurance




Required report (In compliance with paragraph 597 (a) - 6 basic reports)

Date of completion: December 20, 1929

Date of mailing: December 31, 1929

142p.+17p of enclosures



Keywordsshipping ; Shanghai ; harbor ; river ; climate ; custom ; trade ; marine insurance ; traffic ; piracy ;
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