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NameList of cars and trucks in North China
TitleSpecial circular no.277-automotive division (Confidential). Partial list of cars and trucks in North China (submitted by Consul G.C. Hanson, Harbin, China, May 24, 1923, through the courtesy of F.F. Spielman, General Manager of E.W. Frazar & Company a
AuthorHanson, G.C., American Consul, Harbin
CollectionNARA, General records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce (RG151)
Sub collectionAutomobiles, China
Reference NumberFile Class 531, Box 2238
Repository typeArchive

Partial list of cars and trucks in North China: List of motor vehicles licensed in North China, by their respective makes, and grand total in 9 major cities or provinces. (1p)


File Class 531, Box 2238, 1919-1925 p.30

KeywordsNorth China ; automobile ; census ; make ;
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