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NameDairy products imports in Manchuria
TitleImports of Prepared Milk Products into Manchuria. General Milk Company, Inc.
AuthorHollingshead, R.S., Assistant Chief, Foodstuffs Division, Washington, D.C; General Milk Company, Inc.; Hogson, James F., Manager, New York Office; Wythe, George, Chief, Latin American Section, Division of Regional Information;
CollectionNARA, General records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce (RG151)
Sub collectionDairy Products 360, Dairy P. (Sweden) - 361, Milk (Columbia)
Reference NumberEntry 1, File Class 360-361, Box 1606
Repository typeArchive

Correspondence dated November 1932 - June 1935 between the Foodstuff Division and Mukden (Shenyang) Office in connection with the General Milk Co.'s request to be furnished with data on imports of milk products into Manchuria: 

  • Letter dated November 23, 1932, from Foodstuffs Division to Mukden Office, on the subject of "Imports of Prepared Milk Products into Manchuria" - requesting data on the market for condensed and evaporated milk in Manchuria, especially on imports by varieties, countries of origin, prices and any general commernts regarding the present market situation, on behalf of the General Milk Company, Inc., one of the largest exporters of canned milk in the United States - enclosing copy of the General Milk Company's letter - 1p 
  • Letter dated November 17, 1932 from New York Office, to the Foodstuffs Division, on the subject of "General Milk Company, Inc." - forwarding the General Milk Co.'s reply and requesting further information from the Trade Commissioner in Mukden - 1p 
  • Letter dated November 16, 1932, from the General Milk Co. Inc. to the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, New York Office, enquiring whether further statistical statement dealing with milk imports in Manchuria could be obtained from Trade Commissioner in Mukden, and refering to an article that appareared in the July 27, 1931, issue of "Commerce Reports" dealing with the market in Manchuria for foodstuffs generally, includin a portion devoted canned milk products, prepared by Trade Commissioner John J. Erhardt, Mukden, and adding that they are particularly interested in the questities according to classifications, whether condensed full cream, condensed skimmed or evaporated and in knowing in what countries the milk originated - 1p 
  • Letter dated November 23, 1932, from New York Office to Foodstuffs Division - informing that they have written to the Mukden Office in order to be supplied with the requested information - 1p 
  • Letter dated March 17, 1933, from Foodstuffs Division to New York Office - forwarding copies of a statement extracted from a report received from the Trade Commissioner in Mukden, and requesting that the materials be forwarded to the General Milk Co. - 1p 
  • Letter dated June 6, 1935, from the General Milk Comprany, Inc. to the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Latin American Section, requesting detailed information relative to Chile's import and export trade in milk in 1934 - 1p 
  • Letter dated June 8, 1935, from to the Latin American Section, to the General Milk Comprany, Inc. replying that they cannot comply with their request as the annual of commerce of 1934 as not been received yet (would be only on December 1934) - 1p 

Dairy Products 360, Dairy P. (Sweden) - 361, Milk (Columbia), Box 1606, folder "Dairy Products - Milk - China (361)", p.24-29, 31-32

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