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Full referenceHSU, Jabin, The Aero Club of Shanghai. To the Editor of the "North China Daily News" (1921)
TypeJournal article
Author(s)HSU, Jabin
TitleThe Aero Club of Shanghai. To the Editor of the "North China Daily News"
JournalNorth China Herald
Date publication1921
KeywordsRotary; club; organization; transnational; network; elite; Shanghai; newspapers; reader; letter; editor; club;

Jabin Hs, Honorary Chinese Secretary of the Aero Club of Shanghai, wrote to the editor of the North China Daily News on January 16, 1921, in order to complain about the misnaming of the Aero Club of Shanghai in the North China Daily News (NCDN) only (but not in other English-language newspapers such China Press and the Shanghai Times), in violation of the notices he sent them in order to announce the meeting of the Aero Club. More generally, he wrote the letter to defend himself against what he considered to be "offensive and misleading" statements in his regard. 

The NCDN mistook the original name of the "Aero Club of Shanghai" for "Aero Club of China". According to Jabin Hsu, the reporter must have attempted to rewrite the notice to show "individuality". He enclosed clippings of the competing newspapers as evidence. He reminded the newspapers of important facts related to the history of the Aero Club of Shanghai: date and context of founding (January 8, 1921 at a meeting held at the Café Parisien), members of the Executive Committee, and enclosed copies of its Constitution. 

He also pointed to the false information that appeared in the Hong List (also published by the NCDN) regarding the club, and require that they be corrected. He further refered to a controversial correspondence. He eventually complained against the NCDN "offensive and misleading" footnotes. 


North China Herald, January 22, 1921. 

Jabin Hsu was Honorary Chinese Secretary of the Aero Club of China

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