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Full referenceSocial Service Institute (1921)
TypeJournal article
TitleSocial Service Institute
JournalChinese Recorder
Start page145
End page146
Date publication1921
Keywordsreturned student; education; home; campaign; experiment; women; Y.W.C.A.; Shanghai; China;

The Better Homes Campaign consisted of a series of lectures hold during 10 successive days at the Y.W.C.A. coumpound, with four leading themes: Home hygiene and Health (Baby welfare, Care of the Mother, Home Nursing and Personal Hygiene); The Home and Home Life (lectures on Home Decoration, Recreation and the use of Leisure, Discipline and toe Order in the Home, Home Finances and Housing); Home Relationship (lectures on Marriages and Betrothal, The Mother in the Home, The Daughter in the Home and Employers and Servants) ; Religion in the Home (lectures on Keeping of the Sabbath and Family PRayers, Uniderlying Basis of All Right Relationships).

Also includes an exhibit that featured a public health poster exhibit, a play illustrative of recreation suitable for family life, a model children's book room and tables full of people playing the right kind of games. The exhibit was attended by a fascinated crowd of about 400 Chinese men and women, suggesting that this method of propaganda proved more effective than other.

Future plans of the Better Homes Campaign comprised the enlisting of groups of volunteers who demonstrated the making of household budgets, the preparation of a Chinese house, the use of full questionnaires on home conditions to be filled out by heads of families.

The Shanghai campaign served as a laboratory to be exported to other centers, and the chief test of its effectiveness will be its adaptability to other centres, so that the campaign be carried back into the constituent societies, girls' schools, churches  and other centers for women's interests.


Published February 1, 1921

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