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Full reference1924 W.C.S.F. Report Published (1925)
TypeJournal article
Title1924 W.C.S.F. Report Published
JournalChina Weekly Review
Start page212
Date publication1925
Keywordsreturned student; popular education; lecture; night; preparation; report; university; nation; Shanghai; China; United States; Europe;

Announces the release of the World Chinese Students' Federation annual report for 1924 and takes the opportunity to briefly recall the history of the Federation (founded in 1905), its original purpose (promoting a spirit of understanding and sympathy among Chinese students at home and broad), its accomplishments and future objectives (affording facilities to Chinese students who seek admission to the universities in the United States and Europe, conducting day and night schools giving pratical training, organizing lectures along current history and similar subjects, supporting movements for awakening the masses and safeguarding China's sovereign rights). 


Published August 15, 1925

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