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TitleB.A.T.'s application for permit to erect a signboard advertising "Deluxe" cigarette in place of a bamboo fence used for posters (sniping) corner Bubbling Well & Love Lane in 1924 (rejected)
DateThursday 27 November 1924
Estimated period1919-1929
LocationShanghai IS
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Letter to Commissioner of Public Works from B.A.T. - requesting for permission for the first time to erect a signboard at the intersection of Love Lane and Bubbling Well Road in 1924. Shanghai, November 27, 1924. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-6088 (0351).

With reference to our petition attached, asking permission to erect a De Luxe Signboard at intersection of Love Lane and Bubbling Well Road, we should like to point out that the location desired commences at Southeast Corner of the East end of building (at intersection of Love Lane and bubbling Well Road) and extends South for 25 feet replacing that much of the bamboo fence now occupying location in question. We might mention that his portion of the bamboo fence is now used for posters (sniping). The face of our De Luxe Signboard would be immediately back of your building line stone.

We also attach hereto a sketch showing type of De Luxe Signboard we wish to erect.

Keyword(s) [en]signboard, cigarette, deluxe, B.A.T., residential, bamboo, fence, sniping, poster, vicinity
District NameInternational Settlement - Western - Bubbling Well
District typeresidential
SectorL 1
Type of mediumSign/Signboard, Billboard/Hoarding
StationSoutheast Corner of the east end of building, in place of a bamboo fence used for posters (sniping)
LanguageChinese, English
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