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TitlePax Publicity, Hanging of Banners for celebration of Japanese Navy Commemoration, 1943
DateSaturday 22 May 1943
Estimated date1943
Estimated period1938-1943
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Pax Publicity 太平廣告公司 (Taiping guanggao gongsi), 117 Hongkong Road

Propaganda size : 35' x 3' (10 m x 1 m)

String: 10' each side (3 m)

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Advertising Flags & Banners. Pax Publicity - Hanging of Banners on certain roads for celebration of Japanese Navy Commemoration. 1943. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-4-3819 (0315-0316).

Letter from Pax Publicity to S.M.C. Shanghai, May 22, 1943. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-4-3819 (0315).

We beg to advise you that as the celebration of the Japanese commemoration day will behold on May 27th, we wish to display propaganda, which will be written on the cloth and hang on the following road as from 22nd to 31st inst. For your information we will send you a design of it.
We shall much obliged it to grant us to display the same.

Keyword(s) [en]propagande, pax, publicity, japan, commemoration, navy, banner, flag, stretched, road
District NameInternational Settlement
District typecommercial
SectorP 1
Type of mediumFlag/Banner
StationStretched accross roads
DimensionsSize : 35' x 3' (10 m x 1 m) ; String: 10' each side (3 m)
Estimated seasonSpring
Estimated momentday
LanguageChinese, English, Japanese

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