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TitleEastern Theatre & National Amusements Company, Request for advertising space on Wayside Police dormitory (1930)
DateTuesday 25 February 1930
Estimated period1930-1937
LocationShanghai IS
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Eastern Theatre Advertising Board - Wall

Eastern theatre

Basket Ball Ground

Dormitory of Wayside Police Station - Kitchen - Door

East Seward Road - Ward Road - Muirhead Road

Wayside Police Station

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Advertisements on Municipal Properties. Eastern District. Wayside Police Station - Eastern Theatre & National Amusements Company. 1930. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3251 (1221-1225)

Letter from Eastern Theatre & National Amusements Company to Commissioner of Public Works. Shanghai, February 25, 1930. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3251 (1222).

Please allow us to state to you that The Eastern Theatre, 11 Muirhead Road, is badly in need of a space for its advertising purposes. All walls in the neighborhood of the theatre are either taken by some other firms or they are not allowed to advertise. So, we are compelled to seek your help.

The Wayside Police Station has a dormitory on the corner of War Road and Muirhend Raod. Just behind the dormitoy here is a busket ball ground which is separated from the Muirhead Road by a low fence. We should like to put up a wooden board which is 9'5" x 9'2" on that low fence or behind it or in front of it. We will not damage the wall. We are willing to pay a rentaly of $100 to the Council beside tax every year. And the wooden board is no where in the way to cause any inconvenience to the busket ball ground. Enclosed please find a drawing which will serve to explain the situation very clearly.
For the convenience of the people, we beg you to help us in this matter. Anticipating your kind reply, we beg to remain, Sir.  

Letter to Eastern Theater from Deputy Commissioner of Public Works. Shanghai, March 1, 1930. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3251 (1225).

In reply to your letter of the 25th ultimo, I am unable to acceed to your request for permission to attach an advertising sign to the wall of the above station.


Keyword(s) [en]theatre, amusement, wall, board, police station, dormitory, kitchen, basketball ground, recreative, eastern
District NameInternational Settlement - Eastern - Wayside
District typeother
SectorL 3
Type of mediumSign/Signboard
StationWall (7'5"5) (2,2m)
Dimensions9'5 x 9'2 (2,8 x 2,7)

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