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TitleSociology of the Shanghai Rotary Club
Year Start1919
Year End1948
DateThursday 14 February 2019

This is a preliminary analysis of the membership of the Shanghai Rotary Club between 1930 and 1948. The data comes from three successive rosters (published in 1930, 1940 and 1948) that I found in Calder Papers, Hoover Institution Archives. In the following graphs, I analyze members’ year of election, their nationality (and the combination of both), their occupation and class of business (which I also combined with their nationality) and how they evolved over time, their business address and place of residence in Shanghai (depending also on their occupation and nationality) - whenever available. Depending on the data and for legibility reasons, we offer two kinds of visualization: histograms and pie charts. The last slides also offer a rudimentary analysis of Rotarians’ networks (for which I relied on Cytoscape). 

NB The first attached file is purely illustrative. To access the complete analysis, please open the PDF files. The first two PDF offer snapshots of Rotarian membership in 1940 and 1948 ; the last PDF provides a long-term perspective based on the compiled data drawn from the three rosters. It offers more in-depth analyses of selected case studies (e.g. Chinese, American and British members' occupations) and a distant view of membership duration. 

KeywordsRotary ; club ; Shanghai ; elite ; network ; transnational ; directory ; membership ; Americanization ; nationality ; occupation ; duration ; residence ; classification ;

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