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TitleMaps of rural spots "spoiled" by advertising hoardings around Shanghai in 1924
Digitized fileNo
CartographerChristian Henriot
Year Start1924

This map was made after a press article published in the British newspaper North China Daily News to denounce landscape disfiguration by advertisements in general, after the American advertising professional Carl Crow had been accused by the Automobile Club of China to disfigure the place named "Blydenburg's Turn" in June 1924.

Such article may reveal the emerging public awareness towards preserving urban landscapes and environment.

Attached to the main map is the original press article, including the dot number, and a table (Excel sheet) listing the dots numbers, their exact locations, number of hoardings, and product/brand names to be found at each place.

Source: “Advertising Hoarding Round Shanghai - Intruders into the Countryside that Spoil the Scenery and Annoy those in Search of Change and Refreshment.” Extract from the North China Daily News dated May 28, 1924. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-3-582 (1561).

Keywordsdisfiguration, landscape, rural, spoil, hoarding, Crow, Automobile club, country, map, press, public opinion
LanguageChinese, English

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