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TitleDeep map of "sensitive" advertising places in Shanghai (1905-1943)
Digitized fileNo
Year Start1905
Year End1943

This "deep map" or "heat map" aims to identify the "sensitive" points or "hotspots" from an aesthetic point of view. These "hotspots" reveal the delicate delimitation of residential/business areas, as well as delicate definition of the spaces to be preserved from advertisements, and to trace their possible mutations or changes of political decisions.

This map and the associated table were made after a close reading of applications for permits sent to municipal authorities in the foreign settlements. The words or phrases "residential/business", "neighborhood/vinicity", disfiguration, beauty, aesthetic, landscape, and related lexical field, were more specifically tracked down.

The notion of "deep map" is inspired by Bodenhamer, David J, John Corrigan, et Trevor M Harris. Deep Maps and Spatial Narratives, 2015.

Keywordsmap, preservation, deep, sensitive, heat, point, hotspot, landscape, residential, victinity, neighborhood, business, area, district, zone
LanguageChinese, English, French

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