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TitleTable used for mapping "sensitive" urban spaces in Shanghai foreign settlements
Year Start1905
Year End1943
DateSunday 16 October 2016

This table provides a list of all the cases and occurrences of "landscapes", "beauty" or "residential" (as opposed to business areas) that I have been able to identify in the Shanghai Municipal Archives from 1905 to 1943. For each one, we have mentioned the date, location (district, streets name, type and number, building site, direction, fixing method, type of medium, size, advertising agency, advertiser, point of view, municipal decision and reasons, status of the artefact, source and comment). This aim of this table is to trace the slow and delicate process of definying a municipal policy towards advertising spaces, their obsessive willingness - as well as pratical difficulties - to protect the so-called "residential districts" and "beauty spots". The delineation between residential/business spaces appeared to be more and more blurred and complex, their definition requiring to be refined and adapted to each case. This table also reveals the emerging notions of "urban landscape" and a sort of"environmental awareness" in Shanghai, through regulating advertising spaces. My ultimate goal is to design a kind of "deep map" (Bodenhamer, 2015) of that "intuitive" geography, as well as its mutations accross time. Such a map would be made up of "sensitive" points and hot spots rather than strictly defined and immutable zones.

Keywordsdeep map, sensitive, geography, point, zone, intuitive, municipal, landscape, residential, district, area, vicinity, neighborhood, proximity, thoroughfare
LanguageChinese, English, French

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