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TitleTypology of outdoor advertising medias and structures in Shanghai (1905-1943)
Year Start1905
Year End1943
DateFriday 2 December 2016

This table offer a typology of outdoor advertising medias/structures, relying on various factors: nature, materials, method of fixing, type of message, relationship with the message they carry, the site and building which support them, spatial and temporal regimes, the political problems they raised, factors of localization.

This typology was built after a careful reading and patient appropriation of Shanghai Municipal Archives, as well as professional litterature (Chinese and American handbooks, printed reports, papers published in professional journals).

Keywordsmedia, structure, typology, material, time, space, site, message, location, billboard, hoarding, signboard, sign, neon, light, flag, banner, transportation, mobile, balloon, aerial, poster, print, rad
LanguageChinese, English, French

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