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TitleList of neon light signs throughout the International Settlement (1930-1942)
Year Start1930
Year End1942
DateWednesday 11 January 2017

This table provides a list of neon light signs existing in the International Settlement during the period 1930 and 1942 (bulk in 1941). Though most of them belonged to Claude Neon Light, Fed. Inc, that prominent company had Chinese several competitors at the time.

This table is composed of two sheets:

  1. the first one provides a list of neon light signs, mentioning their location, dimensions, advertising agencies, advertisers and/or brand name, etc.
  2. the second one provides a list of the neon light companies who were responsible for those signs.

This table was established after the following archival materials: Neon Light Signs (Maintenance). New regulation regarding the issue of permit for the erection and maintenance of neon light signs. 1930-1942. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3261 (0208-0473).

Keywordslist, census, neon, inventory, space, rationalization, measurement, dimension, taxation, light
LanguageChinese, English

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