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TitleRythmanalysis of street advertising in Shanghai: the case of Claude Neon Lights’ signs in the French Concession (1931-1941)
Year Start1931
Year End1941
DateThursday 23 February 2017

This table was build after the regular lists of signs that Claude Neon Lights sent to the French Municipal Council between December, 20 1935 and December, 31 1937, plus a few scattered signs recorded in other files in the Shanghai Municipal Archives (French concession and International Settlement in 1931 and 1941).  Source: SMA (FC), U38-4-1114; SMA (SMC), U1-14-3261 (0246).

The first sheet provides the data: sign number, advertiser's name, business sector, start and end date, duration, scale of change, location (streets names, types, numbers and building sites when known), rhythmic profile, source.

This table has proved a useful tool to evaluate the lifetimes of signs (2nd sheet) and advertisers (3rd sheet), as well as to calculate the average, maximal and minimal duration of signs and contracts. In the third sheet, we attempt to appreciate the nature and degree of turnover of clients within Claude Neon Lights' advertising spaces. For that very purpose, we have established scale of change ranging from 0 to 3:

  • 0: identical renewal of the contract
  • 1: same advertiser, change of dimensions
  • 2: same advertiser, change of location
  • 3: change of advertiser, or space shared between two advertisers.

The 4th sheet numbers the numbers of signs according to their "rythmic profile". 11 rhythmic profiles have been established by combining sign duration/timeline and the number of advertisers who had used that sign.

The last sheet provides the key for understanding the main table. These figures are visualized by bar charts and pie charts in the "Graphs" section.

Keywordsrhythm, sign, neon, light, settlement, french, concession, list, client, contract, duration, rotation, turnover
LanguageEnglish, French

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