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TitleShanghai Rotary Club: comparative network analysis
Year Start1919
Year End1939
DateSaturday 31 August 2019

This set of tables is part of the larger network analysis of meeting attendance at the Shanghai Rotary Club between 1919-1939 (see related data below). The first table compares the data available in the three successive networks of meeting attendance (Petit, Fitch, Harkson). The second one compares the results of network analysis in different types of network: meeting attendance (two-mode network of persons-events), co-attendance (one-mode networks of persons-to-person joined by events), multiple attendance (one-mode networks of events-events joined by persons) and multiple role-holding (role-role joined by persons). 



Keywordsclub ; Rotary ; Shanghai ; meeting ; attendance ; two-mode network ; one-mode projection ; role ; event ; person ; network analysis ;
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