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TitleShanghai Rotary Club: two-mode network of meeting attendance (1938-1939)
Year Start1938
Year End1939
DateSunday 15 September 2019

This table provides the original dataset I used to construct the two-mode network of meeting attendance at the Shanghai Rotary Club under President Harkson's term (1938-39). In this network, nodes represent participants (persons who attended meetings) and events (club meetings), whereas edges represent the roles that attendees performed during meetings. Each time a person attend an event, there is a link connecting them. The first sheet includes the complete edge list (persons and events joined by roles), the second contains a dictionary of persons with their attributes (id, name, membership status, nationality, gender, social-professional occupation, organization to which they were affiliated), the third one includes the dictionary of events (id, date, type of event, topic of discussion), and the last one contains the dictionary of roles (id, name, type). 

Data comes from newspapers (meeting reports) and rosters (members' personal attributes). 

Keywordsclub ; Rotary ; Shanghai ; meeting ; attendance ; two-mode network ; role ; event ; person ;

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