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TitleContributions to the Chinese Economic Monthly/Journal
Year Start1924
Year End1936
DateThursday 26 January 2023

List of authored articles published in the Chinese Economic Monthly/Journal from 1924 to 1936, with their title, authors' name, date of publication, volume, issue, and page numbers.  

The table also includes extra information regarding authors' profiles, especially their nationality, gender, educational background (academic degree, discipline, country of education, educational institution), social-professional occupations (position, institution, sector of activity) in China or abroad at the time they contributed to the journal. Personal information comes from contemporary Who's Who and various web sources. For further analysis, I also computed the total number of articles that each author contributed to the journal, the duration of their contribution (in years) and the range of topics they covered. By combining these variables, I established a typology of contributors' profiles, including their degree of specialization (on a scale ranging from 1 to 7 distinct topics) and the frequency of their contribution (regular, exceptional, intensive, extensive). These classifications are described in greater details in the "profile" section. 

In addition, five categories of information are coded for analysis: 

(1) the period of publication: based on the history of the Bureau of Economic Information/Foreign Trade, I divided the period 1924-36 into four major sub-periods:  

  1. Prior to August 1928 (exlusive) : the Bureau of Economic Information was in charge of the Chinese Economic Monthly 
  2. August 1928 - June 1931 (inclusive) : the Bureau of Economic Information was reorganized as the Bureau of Industrial and Commercial Information  
  3. July 1931 - December 1935 (inclusive) : the Bureau of Economic Information was reorganized as the Bureau of Foreign Trade, and the Chinese Economic Monthly was refounded as the Chinese Economic Journal
  4. From January 1936 : the (monthly) Chinese Economic Journal merged with the (weekly) Chinese Economic Bulletin into the Chinese Economic Journal and Bulletin. The  Bureau of Foreign Trade was still in charge of its publication. 

(2) the nature of authorship : single author, co-authors, acknowledgments, translation, anonymous (this refers to unauthored articles that nonetheless contain substantial research)

(3) the topics of articles : based on the title of articles, I classified the topics they addressed into 9 categories (which I described more fully in the "topics" section) : foreign trade (1), economy and finance (2), agriculture and natural resources (3), population and sociological studies (4), transportation and communications (5), industry (6), local monograph (7), war and Japan (8), and miscellaneous subjects (9). 

(4) authors' fields of specialization (academic disciplines in which they majored) were classified into 7 main categories : agricultural studies (1), natural sciences (2), engineering (3), economics (4), business, law and finance (5), social sciences (6), humanities and miscellaneous (7)

(5) the institutions that employed CEJ authors were classified into 9 major sectors: academic, central government (Chinese), foreign government, government agency, local government, political party, private company, transnational organization, and miscellaneous.

To wrap up, the attached Excel file includes six individual sheets : 

  • data: contains the original dataset 
  • key: details the fields used in the dataset (names of columns)
  • topics: describes the classification of topics
  • disciplines: specifies the classification used for academic disciplines
  • sectors: specifies the codes used for classifying institutions
  • profiles: delineates contributors' profiles based on their degree of specialization  (the ranges of topics they address) and the temporal aspects of their contribution (duration, frequency) 
  • statistics: summarizes various statistical measures related to contributions and contributors. 


Keywordsmonthly ; journal ; economic information ; Republican China ; expert ; education ; topic ; nationality ; authorship ; periodization ; position ; duration ; frequency ;
LanguageChinese, English

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