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TitleShanghai Rotary Club: two-mode network of meeting attendance (1930-1931)
Year Start1930
Year End1931
DateSunday 15 September 2019

The following graph visualizes meeting attendance at the Shanghai Rotary Club under President Fitch's term (1930-31). In this two-mode network, nodes represent participants (persons who attended meetings) and events (club meetings), whereas edges represent the roles that attendees performed during meetings (chair, speaker, guest, organizer, etc.). Each time a person attend an event, there is a link connecting them. Nodes attributes specify the type of events (regular meeting, closed meeting, outing and other special events) and persons' status (members, non-members, officers, directors), gender and nationality (Western, Chinese, Japanese, other). For members only, we also specified the classification (business sector) to which they belonged, their affiliation (the organization they represented) and their social-professional position. 

The original dataset used to build this network is available in the "tables" section. An interactive version of this network is accessible on the CyNetShare platform (see URL below). The attached files include a snapshot of the graph and its legend. 

NB In building two-mode networks, we typically make the assumption that attending the same event is either an indicator of an interaction between the attendees or a potential opportunity for one to develop (Borgatti, 2013: 246).

Keywordsclub ; Rotary ; Shanghai ; meeting ; attendance ; two-mode network ; role ; event ; person ;
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