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TitleShanghai Rotary Club: one-mode network of multiple role-holding (1930-1931)
Year Start1930
Year End1931
DateSunday 15 September 2019

This graph visualizes multiple role performed at the meetings of the Shanghai Rotary Club under President Fitch's term (1930-31). This one-mode network of roles-roles joined by persons results from the projection of the initial two-mode network of meeting attendance (see related data below), using the R package tnet (project_tm function) (Opsahl, 2008). In this network, nodes represent social roles (role types) performed by participants during club meetings, whereas edges represent persons holding multiple roles. Any edge links two roles performed by the same person. The absence of ties reflects incompatible roles. Tie weight expresses the most frequent combinations of roles. On the graph, circle nodes refer to roles (behaviors performed during events), while square nodes refer to posts (defined as more stable than roles). 

The original dataset used to build this network is available in the "tables" section. An interactive version of this network is accessible on the CyNetShare platform (see URL below). The attached files include a snapshot of the graph and its legend. 

Keywordsclub ; Rotary ; Shanghai ; meeting ; one-mode network ; person ; event ; role ; position ; weighted network ;
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