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NameMagic lantern Advertising Board - Berlin Transparent Advertising Company
TitleBerlin Transparent Advertising Company, Magic lantern Advertising Board
AuthorBerlin Transparent Advertising Company; Commissioner of Public Works; Commissioner of Police; Traffic Branch (Baker);
CollectionShanghai Municipal Archives
Sub collectionShanghai Municipal Council
Reference NumberSMA (SMC), U1-14-3250 (1099-1105)
Repository typeArchive

Berlin Transparent Advertising to Secretary (G.C. Phillips), Shanghai, June 16, 1939. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3250 (1099).

I take the liberty to inform you that our firm plans to construct a Magic Lantern Advertising Board on the roof of "Ta San Yuen Restaurant" which is situated at No.15 Yu Ya Ching Road. This board is of very light weight and is set up at the north side by three established Moving Neon Light Advertising Boards, namely : 

1. The wool yarn "BEEHIVE" 
2. Cigarette of "RUBY QUEEN" 

It is to be established on the opposite side of the Great World Amusement (French Concession). The time for lightseeing is from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day, in the meantime the office hour is entirely past. The surface of this road is very wide and the lightening of our Magic Lantern is by no means brighter and more attractive that those of above mentioned advertising boards. So that it would not tend to rise gathering the passers-by in crowds and be sure it has nothing to do with the communication of this road. Please pay a favourable consideration that the only purpose of such an advertising boards is to be making an attraction to the visitors in the Great World Amusement.

Having already established the above mentioned advertising boards there, we can believe that such a request would not put any difficulty and inconvenience to your administrative affairs. After closely investigated and considered into this matter, we, in according to precedent, ask your legal and favourable permission in order to start our service in the nearest future. Hoping to have a favourable reply at your earliest convenience.   

Commissioner of Public Works to Berlin Transparent Advertising Company. Shanghai, June 22, 1939. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3250 (1101).

In reply to your letter of the 16th inst. Addressed to the Secretary of the Council with reference to the above, I shall be obliged if you will kindly call upon the Building Surveyor Room 29, Administration Building, with full particulars of your proposals. 

Commissioner of Public Works to Commissioner of Police. Shanghai, August 18, 1939. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3250 (1102).

An application has been received from Messrs. Berlin Transparent Advertising for permission to erect on the above site an advertising screen, on which it is proposed to project lantern slides. I attach hereto a sample slide, also a plan and photograph showing the proposed position of the advertising screen, and shall be obliged if you will let me know whether you have any objection to the poject. The Building Surveyor has been in touch with Mr. Baker, Assistant Commissioner (Traffic Branch) and has given him full details. 

Commissioner of Police to Commissioner of Public Works.  Shanghai, August 23, 1939. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3250 (1103).

There is no Police objection to the proposed lantern Slide Advertising Screen provided the permission given is subject to withdrawal at any time should this Department onsider it necessary. 

Berlin Transparent Advertising Company. Translation of letter to Commissioner of Public Works - dated September 4, 1939. Shanghai, September 4, 1939. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3250 (1104).

With reference to the funny light advertisement on the roof of House No. 185, Yu Ya Ching Road, we hereby confirm that the following regulations of the Council will be observed by this Company:

  1. Only two persons are allowed to be on the roof every night. 
  2. When the projecting instrument is not in operation, it should be taken down, properly covered and screwed to avoid accidents. 
  3. Should the Police raise any objection after the instrument has been put into operation, any of their instructions must be complied with.

We shall be obliged if you will kindly issue our permit at an early date. 

Berlin Transparent Advertising Company. Translation of letter to Public Works Department - dated October 4, 1939. Shanghai, October 4, 1939. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3250 (1105).

Please note that we have removed to the following address since October 1st : The Berlin Advertising Co. 11 Rue Brodie A. Clarke. French Concession. 

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